Miraval on Giuliana & Bill!

Did you watch?

In last night’s all new episode of Giuliana & Bill on the Style Network, the dynamic duo visited Miraval with Bill’s sister Karen and her husband for a couples wellness retreat weekend. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Giuliana Rancic wanted a getaway that only Miraval could provide – their weekend was chock full of introspection, reflection, and challenges to strengthen their family bonds.

Here’s a link to a video clip out on our challenge course with Neil – this activity is called “Out on a Limb” – and no, most Miraval guests do not do the running man while balanced on a log suspended 30 feet in the air!


As part of the Miraval retreat, Giuliana and Bill joined our yoga/meditation instructor Alysa Volpe for a meditation private session. This is a great link with the inside scoop and also with Alysa’s tips for meditation beginners:

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