Optimal Posture in 6 Steps

By: Miraval’s Pam Trudeau, Fitness Supervisor

Poor Posture not only makes you look heavier it takes a toll on your joints. When you “slouch” your upper body appears heavier and larger.  Neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain can all be the result of poor posture wearing on your bones.

Optimal Posture is more than simply standing up straight and throwing your shoulders back. A strong “Core” is required to hold you upright while you are standing. Strengthening your back, abs, glutes and improving your range of motion in your shoulders, as well as stretching your chest, hamstrings, and hip flexors all play a part in achieving ideal posture.

Pilates, Bodyweight exercises, and Yoga are all fabulous ways to build muscle, improve your flexibility, and increase the range of motion of your joints. Try these 6 steps at home today to get started on your path to optimal posture.

#1 Head Glides

#2 Arm Sweeps

#3 “L” Raise

#4 Lotus Extension

#5 Reverse Plank

#6 Bridge

If you are unsure how and where to begin schedule an Aligned Posture Program Design with one of our qualified instructors during your stay, allow them to assess your current posture and prepare a strength and flexibility routine that is as unique to YOU as your posture!!!

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