Think you’re Type A? You might actually be TypeE. Miraval helps you discover your enlightenment quotient

As part of Miraval’s focus on healthy, sustainable living, we are pleased to present a new, experience:  The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Enlightenment @ Miraval.  Alex Giorgio and Heidi Nobantu Saul will lead a small group of Miraval guests in absorbing Alex’s groundbreaking methodology.  It’s oriented to a small segment of the population that has a unique way of living and performing in the world:  TypeE personalities.

While working with more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, innovators, executives, entertainers, artists, athletes and scientists, Alex discovered a common physiology, mental outlook and set of intuitive strategies hard-wired into their brains and bodies.  As a result, Alex was able to classify the TypeE personality – and a set of practices that, when activated, can lead TypeEs to a state of living an enlightened life.  We asked Alex and Heidi about TypeE and why they have chosen Miraval as a locale.

Alex, tell us about the TypeE personality.

Alex: TypeE is a personality profile.  It follows the pattern established by the “Type A” designation, which cardiologist Meyer Friedman and Mike Jordan classified in the 1950s.  Only five to ten percent of the population can be classified as TypeE personalities.  Many entrepreneurs, business leaders, community leaders and entertainers are TypeEs.  The TypeE discovery process shows you where you stand on the personal passion spectrum – your tolerance for extremes, your capacity for speed, the level of your pioneering spirit.  After you look at the qualities that make you a TypeE, the process shows you how to harness your passion and creativity and use them for a better life.  And if you are experiencing a personal or professional crisis, the TypeE Paradigm illuminates why you find yourself in this position and what you can do to not only survive but also thrive through the experience.  Also, studying the TypeE Paradigm is valuable for both TypeEs and those who live and work with them.

Take the TypeE quiz to see where you are on the spectrum.

Heidi, what are you planning for The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Enlightenment @ Miraval experience?

Heidi: Alex and I really want this course to make the most of Miraval’s energy and special atmosphere.  This is a place people come to enjoy a pause from their busy lives – to rediscover and restore themselves.  With The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Enlightenment @ Miraval, we’re teaching a way to know one’s self better, so that people can learn business and spiritual strategies in this restorative setting.  This experiential course should occur in a spot where a person can return to and “activate,” inspiring growth in one’s self, one’s community and one’s business.  So we’re leveraging Miraval’s energy!

Alex and I have created a program that integrates Miraval’s offerings with an immersion into the TypeE personality assessment.  We wanted more than just a location for conducting the course or a place where people have great options in their free time.  So we’ve used our experience in developing programs in our respective fields to blend the enlightenment course with Miraval’s specialty programs and transformational activities.  Participants use tools like TypeE-focused Miraval outdoor adventures, dynamic lectures and biofeedback sessions to gain specific, practical information about themselves – information they can deploy in their personal and professional relationships.

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