New Deborah Lippmann Salon

Known as one of the most in-demand celebrity and editorial manicurists, Deborah Lippmann is an innovator in the field of nail health. Check out Deborah's Pinterest board of celebrities that she has "held hands" with!

We are so excited to announce that the first ever Deborah Lippmann Salon will be opening inside Miraval's Life in Balance Spa on October 1, 2013. This collaboration brings high fashion nail lines together with the Miraval touch to create one-of-a-kind nail care rituals offered only at Miraval. The new decadent services, developed under this partnership empower a unique nail and skin health assessment that customizes your manicure or pedicure to promote long-lasting nail health with beauty.

NEW Services from Deborah Lippmann and Miraval:

Deborah Lippmann Signature Manicure
Our Miraval Manicure has set a new standard for healthy nail care. To leave your nails stronger, smoother, and more hydrated we begin with a nail analysis to properly address your specific nail needs. Let your senses escape to the tropics as your hands and arms are smoothed using a grapefruit and sea salt scrub to refine the skin. Further enhancing the silkiness, your arms and hands are massaged with a warm blend of vitamin E, pure white jojoba and coconut oil, relieving dry skin. To seal in moisture, your hands and arms are then massaged with a shea butter and avocado oil hand cream with broad spectrum SPF to help leave you protected from harmful UV rays.
Deborah Lippmann Signature Pedicure
A sweet selection for those who wish to be perfectly pampered, our Signature Pedicure will treat the most overworked feet. Our nail analysis sets this treatment up to specifically address your needs. Begin your pampering with a relaxing foot soak in a rosemary and aloe soaking elixir. A heated leg wrap infused with a blend of vitamin E, pure white jojoba and coconut oil follows your foot soak to further prepare the skin. Our warm grapefruit and sea salt scrub is then applied to exfoliate and soften your feet and legs. To perfect your pedi, we apply a kokum butter and aloe vera nourishing foot cream to smooth and soothe your soles. This pedicure is paired with an Organic African Nectar Tea.
Moroccan Coffee Blossom Pedicure
Escape with the rich scents of the North African inspired pedicure ritual, the Moroccan Coffee Blossom Pedicure is truly an exotic treat for your feet. We begin by preparing an aromatic Lemon Coffee Blossom and Olive Stone Scrub and apply this robust mixture of coffee, lemon and super crushed almonds to tired feet and legs. After your exfoliation a thin mask of warm white jasmine clay drenches your skin in its hydrating goodness. Once removed you are massaged with hot stones followed by an application of a rich Tangerine and Fig Butter leaving its subtle sweet scent and you fully relaxed. This pedicure is paired with a Marrakesh Mint Tea.
Miraval Ultimate Anti-Aging Manicure
It has been said that your hands reveal your age, if so then turn back the hand of time with the pairing of a results driven professional grade Alpha Beta Peel and the luxury of a Miraval manicure. Reveal younger looking skin and reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines and sun damage by treating your hands to our Ultimate Anti-Aging hand treatment. We harness the power of Dr. Dennis Gross’s 2 step Alpha Beta Peel, resulting in visible improvements in skin health and luminosity. Experience Miraval’s secret to achieving beautiful hands with this Ultimate Anti-Aging hand treatment.
Nature's Radiance Pedicure
Return to Nature with the luxurious anti-aging power of botanicals in this Miraval exclusive pedicure. Tired legs are renewed with an organic bioactive berry and white peat exfoliant, rich with phytonutrient algae butter. Your feet and legs are then double masked with a lymphatic phytopower sea masque with the richness of maitake mushroom and antioxidant rich artic berry oil. This nutrient rich masque is then cocooned with penetrating warmth of a desert sea clay, nourishing your masque skin. A therapeutic massage follows with an Artic berry cloud cream restoring radiance to your skin. This pedicure is paired with a Green Tropical Tea.
Argan Rich Manicure
Experience the benefits of this intense hydrating treatment with powerful anti-oxidant argan oil derived from the fruit of a tree found only in Morocco. An exfoliation of the hands and arms is performed with Moroccanoil’s body buff gel blending vitamin E, avocado, and sweet almond oil to gently buff away dead skin. A hand and arm massage follows, using an extremely rich argan oil combined with shea butter leaving the skin drenched with moisture. Your experience is complete with a shimmering body oil to restore luster to the skin helping to improve elasticity, tone, and texture.
Argan Rich Pedicure
Discover the nourishing effects of argan oil in this rejuvenating spa experience. We begin with a foot soak of organic chamomile and sunflower seed oil to soften the skin. Your feet and calves are instantly transformed with a natural orange peel exfoliator, rich with a nourishing blend of argan, avocado and grape seed oil. Your feet and legs are massaged with a body balm filled with cocoa and mango butter increasing moisture and strengthening skin barrier functions. Heated oil treatment is drizzled over your legs and massaged into the skin before a hot towel wrap is applied. While wrapped, a soothing hand massage is performed. Finally, the skin is left illuminating and it’s natural glow enhanced with a shimmering body oil. This pedicure is paired with a Rainforest Mate Tea.

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  1. I am disabled and very ill. I wish I could get to this spa and have some of these services. They all sound so relaxing and overall “good” for the whole body. I have family in Tucson and Phoenix and Scottsdale…love the Southwest.

  2. I hope you will still carry Sparitual polishes! They are my favorite!! I discovered them at miraval, and became a total devotee!!

  3. What a great collaboration! I have been a fan of Deborah Lippmann products for years. Her polish colors are amazing; Baby Love, It’s Raining Men, Between the Sheets, Modern Love to name a few.
    I am now looking even more forward toward my Miraval visit in December.

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