Good Night Lights at Miraval

We are so excited to announce that each of our116 guest rooms at Miraval will now feature Definity Digital Good Night LED light bulbs designed by industry leading lighting technology firm, Lighting Science®. Miraval is the first U.S. resort and spa to offer Definity Digital LED lights in their guest rooms. When you visit Miraval, we know that you’re coming for a completely relaxing getaway. And, we know that it all starts with getting a perfect night’s sleep. Miraval specialist & registered nurse Sheryl Brooks has shared that the CDC estimates about 70 million Americans suffer from sleep issues. This number is frightening, as we all know how important sleep is to our overall wellbeing. This new Good Night LED light is the only one using technology developed for astronauts on the International Space Station that significantly reduces blue light so it won’t disturb your body’s natural sleep cycle.

To complement the installation of the Definity Digital Good Night lights, Sheryl will be holding a new lecture beginning called “Are you Sleeping?” where participants will learn about sleep research, the importance of sleep, and the negative affects that sleep deprivation has on the body. Sheryl will also work with participants to understand daily habits that may be contributing to restless sleep and create a plan to work with, not against the body’s ability to get a better night’s sleep.

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