Introducing Himalayan Sound Bath

After introducing hot stone massage to the world more than 15 years ago, Miraval became a trendsetter not only in spa but also in wellness. Many of you who have visited Miraval through the years know how our philosophy of mindfulness permeates every activity and spa treatment we offer to our guests. Mindfulness is more than just living in the present moment, it is about engaging with the world around you on a deeper level and experiencing each moment with an open mind and generous spirit.

Miraval's NAGA THAI treatment debuted in 2012 and has taken the world by storm. In 2013, we introduced SHAMANA-KARMA, our newest and most profound Ayurvedic spa treatment; plus, our innovative yoga and meditation team developed FLOATING MEDITATION. So you may be wondering what we could possibly do now that could rival these recent innovations in spa and wellness… You can stop wondering because today we announce our brand-new specialty experience: Himalayan Sound Bath from Master Healer Pam Lancaster who created Miraval's signature Shuniya Sound Ceremony many years ago. Her astounding expertise and intuitive spiritual guidance have changed the lives of Miraval guests through the years and the Himalyan Sound Bath takes her practice to the next level.

Himalayan Sound Bath

Join Master Healer Pam Lancaster in this groundbreaking sound therapy treatment. Tune your body into its natural state and create balance emotionally, mentally, and physically as the sound from these ancient healing bowls radiates profoundly through the water. This treatment will increase mental clarity, relieve stress, and decrease anxiety as you float effortlessly in the warm water of our therapeutic pool and surrender to the healing vibrations. You will feel more grounded and connected to the world around you. 

About Pam Lancaster

Pam brings over 18 years of experience in the fields of holistic healing, spiritual counseling, and integrative medicine to her practice. She brings forth a newfound sense of self-awareness in each client, empowering others to heal disconnections, traumas or blocks that are impeding the highest expression of their soul and personal well-being. This healing approach guides you to reclaim the truth of your body and awaken its innate healing abilities.

More Private Sessions with Pam Lancaster

Shuniya Sound Ceremony
Shuniya Sound Healing Ceremony designed by Master Practitioner Pamela Lancaster. This full body session touches and transforms your state of being emotionally, physically and spiritually. The ancient healing arts of Tibetan bowls, Kundulini yoga gong baths and tuning forks are masterfully combined with traditional Thai massage, Chi nei tsang and Shiatsu. Infused with sound and vibration, your body will become energetically balanced as the spirit is harmonically brought into a deep state of healing. This ceremony creates an anchor to the memory of well-being, initiating a deep inner stillness and reconnecting the mind, body and soul. This deeply centering experience will help you attain optimal health, clarity and serenity. * Please wear loose comfortable clothing

Seeds of Wisdom
Utilizing totem cards to reflect where you are presently in the cycle of life, Spiritual Guide & Healer Pam Lancaster will help you embrace the art of being, which allows you to move into a place of graceful action. 

Spirit Essence Ceremony
Allow Spiritual Guide & Healer Pam Lancaster to be your mirror as you identify the core issues in your life that are holding you back from being your true self. In our culture, we are disconnected from nature and often out of sync with our own essence. In this private session, you will select up to 5 flower essence varieties to create a flower essence mist that is uniquely yours. It will open the door to clarity and empower you to manifest the positive change in your life. 

True Nature
Join Spiritual Guide & Healer Pam Lancaster and let the wisdom of your soul speak to you through a process of realigning with the elements of nature allowing the spirit a greater reflective perspective. Take time to pause and cultivate a connection to nature outside of your physical being, leaving you deeply aligned with gratitude for that which is inherently your true nature.

Tibetan Chakra Balancing
This session surrounds you with the healing sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan bowls and the cleansing power of the symphonic gongs. Master Practitioner Pamela Lancaster brings the ability to hold sacred space including a heightened level of consciousness and spiritual awareness of Self. Through this experience, you learn to live with a deeper wisdom and reconnect with your true nature.

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