Five Ways to Start Healing Yourself!

Deep inside, we are all natural healers. Long ago, our ancestors knew how to heal themselves and others; how to connect to each other and to those who had passed beyond the physical plane; and how to ground their energy by being in tune with Mother Earth. In early cultures, practices like telepathy between mother and child and sending healing energy to a loved one out on a hunt were everyday routines the ancients didn’t think twice about doing.

These customs and skills may have been buried by our modern, technology-laden culture, but they are not lost! They are simply hanging out in our collective unconscious, waiting to be uncovered and put to use again. With some training and practice, you can reawaken these dormant abilities and learn to use them consciously, for yourself and your loved ones.

At my Miraval workshops and healing courses, I provide you with the tools to activate your own innate self-healing abilities. Whether the root cause is physical, spiritual, or emotional distress, distortions in your energy field and blocks in your chakras can prevent you from living in the light and fulfilling your highest purpose. Maintaining a healthy balance in your energy field is an ongoing process, but once you learn the basics of self-healing, you will feel transformed.

Here are five simple techniques that I offer at each workshop to get this process started:

1. Meditate.

I can’t stress this enough—if you only do one thing to begin the practice of self-healing, meditate. Meditation works at a deep level of consciousness to help reduce stress and tap into whatever information is needed to restore your mind, body, and spirit to a state of harmony. A regular practice of meditation—just 20 minutes—provides you with a sense of calm and an amazing clarity that can resolve many of your physical and emotional issues. I work with attendees at each and every workshop to insure they have a solid meditative base and we meditate together as a group each day, which takes us very deep. Talk about relaxing!

2. Go outside and get grounded!

Just as our ancestors understood, spending time in nature is good for your body, mind, and soul. Research has shown that people suffering from depression often report decreased feelings of sadness after time spent outside, and you will, too. At Miraval, you will have plenty of free time before the workshop starts to hang out with Mother Nature—strolling on the oasis-like grounds, napping by the pool, and feeling the breeze while dining al fresco. Or bask in moonlight and starlight on a midnight walk. Be outside and reconnect to the earth, and you will start to reconnect to your natural healing abilities as well.

3. Speak Your Truth

You may have a blockage in your fifth or throat chakra from years of not saying what you are thinking. In my workshops, I can help you clear these obstacles, allowing you to express, not only verbally, but wherever you feel led creatively.

4. Reconnect to Your Spirit Guides

Everyone needs a little extra support now and then. Spirit guides are powerful helpers and mentors who are present in your life. Maybe yours is an animal guide, a recent or remote ancestor, or a guardian angel. Come to a workshop, and together, we’ll identify all of your guides and ensure that you can connect to them on a daily basis. Your spirit guides are always there when you need them, ready to assist you without conditions.

5. Practice Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness

We all make mistakes. To error is to be human. It’s important to acknowledge when you’ve done wrong so that you can do better next time; that’s how you grow in the light. But it’s also important to forgive yourself. If you tend to beat yourself up for every infraction and failure, it will inhibit you from appreciating your strengths. At the workshop, I’ll ensure that you see yourself in the same light that I do—as a perfect image of Spirit, ready to shine your light for all.

Healing on every level is your birthright—you may need just a hand to get started.


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