Couples at Miraval

Miraval is a great place for couples to getaway and take time out of their busy schedules to reconnect. From challenge activities to exclusive spa services, Miraval provides the supportive environment for quality time with your loved one. Here's some of our favorite activities for couples to explore together.

Face to Face

Face to Face is a paired event encouraging guests to notice how they communicate with another person under stress. Moving together slowly and intentionally engages ideas of trust, commitment and how to balance self-care and support of a partner.  Because there is no clear ending point to the event, and therefore no concrete goal, guests are challenged to stay present where they are. Come and explore the balance between self-care and support of others as you move in pairs across cables suspended 30-feet off the ground!

This class offers couples an opportunity to practice living life in the moment. Working with specially selected horses and our expert facilitators, guests will perform equestrian ground skills, getting a chance to notice personal patterns of learned behavior that may be holding them back from the life they want to live. 

During the inevitable ups and the downs, presence is the greatest gift we can give to those we care about. Learn how mindfulness can bring richness to how we relate to the people we love – improving communication, deepening connections, shifting expectations, and developing more satisfaction in and with each other.

Outdoor Duet Deep River Hot Stone Massage

Experience the tension-releasing benefits of hot stones combined with a satisfying, deep pressure massage. Healing heated basalt stones and cool marble stones are combined to release muscle tension and toxins, nourishing the skin with antioxidant-rich botanical oil blend. Allow the heat and pressure to draw away tension held deep within your muscles, resulting in an unparalled state of tension-free relaxation.

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