Clean Up Your Life – 3 Simple Rules to De-Clutter Yourself

By Leigh Weinraub, Miraval Tennis Coach & Wellness Counselor

Have you ever looked inside your purse or brief case and seen a complete mess and instantaneously feel your blood pressure start to rise? Or climb into bed at night unable to sleep because your head is swirling, your heart is palpitating and your body is uncontrollably restless?  Or open your car door and feel a flood of overwhelmed feelings because your car is packed with old coffee cups, last week’s newspapers and the unused yoga mat?

To make changes in your life, keep them SIMPLE, MANAGEABLE, and EXECUTABLE.

When you keep changes in your life simple, manageable, and executable, you set the groundwork for success. We thrive on success feedback loops and we get re-motivated to show up continually when we feel successful sensations. As an athlete, a therapist and a motivational speaker, I always advocate making adjustments that are doable on a daily basis to ensure that the change will be sustainable.

We have minds that race at a speed we can barely comprehend. We live in bodies that endure wear and tear of nonstop stress.  We have souls that are constantly being pulled and pressured by the energetic demands of life. Clearing your headspace, detoxing your body, and re-invigorating your spirit comes from WITHIN. Therefore, de-cluttering must be seen through an introspective lens. Your motives to "clean house" must initiate with an internal drive.

Here are 3 simple rules we use daily here at Miraval for you to intentionally and consistently practice to enable the awesome sensation of de-cluttering yourself from the inside out:


Breathe more. Breathe deeper. Breathe more deliberately. Most importantly breathe at specific times. You must make the "simple" act of breathing become a sacred ritual that is linked to a certain event so that you are more likely to remember to do it.  Maybe the ritual is practiced when you’re in the shower, or driving home from work, or right before you eat a meal, or when you crawl into bed. The act of breathing can't just be something you do during yoga flow. Try to incorporate a few more deliberate moments of oxygenation into your day. O2 is what fuels life, so breathe it in with nothing but gratitude!


The cell phone can become a deadly drug. It's that potent and addictive. In the span of a day if you were to add up all the buzzes, dings, beeps that electrified your central nervous system you would be shocked to see how the time and energy of "reacting" and "answering" adds up. Over the span of hours, days, weeks these cellular alarms begin to eat the energy of our souls. It is amazing what turning that phone OFF COMPLETELY can do to recover your internal resources. We live in a society where cellular technology is common and often necessary.  These seemingly "instantaneous connection machines" might become the reason we feel more disconnected than ever. If you want to truly find deep meaningful connection, then shut your phone off at some point during every day in order to recalibrate your core self so you can bring your authentic “A” game to the world!

Rule #3: LACE UP

The biggest problem people face when they begin to feel suffocated from "clutter" is that they freeze. Life begins to feel too overwhelming on the mind and body.  They become stuck and paralyzed in the quick sand of daily demands. Here's the simple solution: Lace up your newest kicks and put one foot in front of the other. MOVE. A body at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. Once it is in motion, it is more likely to keep moving. Make your sneakers your new best friend. Movement is the quickest and most long lasting way to create the space you so badly ache for in times of stress.

OXYGENATE, SLIDE TO POWER UP, then LACE UP and you will be on your way to cleaning up your act!

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  1. I’ve been to Miraval 5 time and I’m planning on coming again Sept 10th

    Leigh is an amazing motivator……..I will miss Zennis Tennis however

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