Miraval Introduces Manifest Moment to Moment

8 Principles to Create the Life You Truly Desire

We are so proud to announce our newest book by Miraval Specialists Tejpal and Dr. Carrol McLaughlin! Manifest Moment to Moment offers guidance on how to live the life you long for. In this book Tejpal and Dr. McLaughlin share 8 practical ways to "get unstuck" and manifest the life you truly desire. 

Imagine that you hold in your hands the power to change your reality—that you are capable of creating your highest vision and desire. In fact, you are. Manifest Moment to Moment is your guide to setting your intent, determining your soul mission, and realizing your most heartfelt longings. Hands-on and thought provoking, this book invites you to go within and unearth your unique, infinite possibilities. This information is imperative for anyone wishing to change the parameters of his or her life.

Manifest Moment to Moment conveys with authenticity a practice that, when one uses intuition and understands the energy of the chakras, can elevate your journey and seemingly bring magic to life. Tejpal and Dr Carrol's thoughtful writing provides the ultimate mindfulness for personal wellbeing! — Michael Tompkins Chief Executive Officer, Miraval Resort & Spa

I am in awe of the clarity these women bring to such a potentially transforming mission. To simplify access to the world's mysteries we ourselves house is by far the most sophisticated task in the world, and to achieve this you don't have to be a member of any clan-you can just enter with this book. — Charlotte Beers CEO, Chairman, Undersecretary of State and Teacher

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Meet the Authors at Miraval: 

Join Tejpal and Carrol for this workshop: Maximize the Power of Your Chakras to Manifest the Life You Truly Desire

June 21
1:00 – 4:00pm

Although we often rely on our minds to figure out options and solutions when we want to create change in our lives, it takes more than an agile mind to manifest change. To create the life you truly desire, you need to tap into the many dimensions of your being. When you systematically engage your physical, emotional, heart and spiritual dimensions you open up a horizon of true possibilities that will enhance your day-to-day life.

One of the very successful ways to create lasting changes is to work with your energy field. Join intuitive healers Tejpal and Carrol McLaughlin and learn how to work with a key dimension of the human energy field, the chakra system. You will look at your patterns and become able to assess clearly what boosts your energy and what blocks you. When you eliminate blockages and see yourself with new clarity, you will be able to successfully make shifts in many parts of your life. You will be able overcome your old “stories” and patterns, and create exciting new opportunities for change that will bring more joy and meaning into your life.

Explore all 7 chakras during this 3 hour workshop and leave with new tools to manifest your own life in balance. 

Experience an intimate private session: Soul Song Healing & Insights

Join Brennan Healing Practitioner Tejpal along with intuitive harpist Dr. Carrol McLaughlin for a transformative experience. In this session, Tejpal and Dr. McLaughlin will work in tandem to balance your energy and share insights about your gifts, your soul mission, and guidance for a more vibrant life. Each of us has a soul song that is uniquely ours; and, during this private session, Dr. McLaughlin will channel and play your unique soul song on a harp. Your soul song is a melody that helps you clear, heal and realign your mind, body and spirit. You will come away with a USB drive with your soul song to listen to any time you want to feel centered or inspired.

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Tejpal's Private session offerings

?Brennan Healing Science combines innovative healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes, touching every aspect of life. Tejpal will restore a sense of well-being and emotional balance to your mind, body and soul. You may also discover inner spiritual guidance that will deepen your personal connections and enhance your life.

Learn how to connect or reconnect to your spiritual dimension, depending on your personal goals. Through dialogue, intuitive tools, breath, music and movements, Tejpal will give you the opportunity to create shifts that will support any life changes you want to manifest. This exploration is a process of learning to trust your intuition as you create a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. These sessions are suited to people of all faiths and beliefs.

Allow Tejpal to guide you on a journey to inner strength and knowledge. Through music, drums and channeling, you will gain insights that will support you as you learn to explore and express your hidden talents. This process will help you to reveal your true inner self.

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