Thoughts on Food

By: Junelle Lupiani, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Supervisor

Today there are so many fad diets, weightloss tips, and tricks it is easy to get lost in the trends. But when it comes down to it losing weight is simple, not always easy but simple. These basic tips will not only help you lose weight but also help your body feel it's best!

1. Eat mindfully. 

Pay attention to your food and come at it from a non-judgmental place.  We must eat every day multiple times so loving food is important.  No matter what you read, what you see, or what you hear…if you are eating in a way that doesn’t work for you or in a way that doesn’t add enjoyment to your life, then don’t do it.  Identify by looking within yourself what works for you.  Our bodies guide us and direct us so if you are looking outward or externally too often for answers you are disconnecting from self.  Trust your body, trust yourself.  Allow your body to help guide you on what it needs.  

2. Weight loss.

The absolute truth in weight loss is eating less than you use up.  Go about this however works best for you.  If that means 6 mini-meals, good.  If it means 3 big meals without snacks, that’s good too.  Being sure that you aren’t cutting out essential nutrients in order to reduce calorie consumption is not good.  That is why I don’t support most diets.  If you cut out essential nutrients (examples/trends include carbohydrates or fats) you may experience weight loss due to creating a calorie deficit short term, however it doesn’t lead to long term success.  Don’t take my word for it, look at the evidence.  Americans have been on diets since before the 1920’s however we have never seen the national average on weight drop.  It has only increased.  The direction we are going is clearly not working therefore I do not support it. 

I help people lose weight by helping them identify how to use up more energy than they consume, since that is the only way weight loss is achieved (there are no tricks).  We work together to identify the foods that they enjoy, the ones that work for them.  We talk about what life is like so that the plan that we establish can be achieved since there is more to life then preparing and consuming food.  We discuss how paying more attention, or being mindful, can benefit them (for example where are you eating your meals) and we discuss the difference between real food and food that has been manipulated (most of which is being marketed as “healthy” or “diet” food).  That’s how I go about helping people establish a plan.  It’s a rare occasion that I work with someone who doesn’t already have a good understanding of what foods are good and which aren’t, so we don’t spend time on that.  We spend time on why then they are struggling with putting their knowledge into action. 

3. Bottom line…

My goal is to help people EAT REAL.  Eating real food not only surpasses the prevailing approach on weight loss that isn’t working, it improves us.  It helps us get out of bed every morning, it helps us see clearer, it helps motivate us for movement and exercise, it helps us be more creative, it helps us be more productive.  It fosters a positive outlook on ourselves and on our lives.

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