Actions Of Emotionally Intelligent People

By Leigh Weinraub, Action Based Therapist

Individuals with higher degrees of emotional intelligence are able to identify, manage, and communicate about their emotions. They pay fierce attention to their bodies and therefore are skilled at recognizing when certain emotions are arising. Their keen sensory perception helps them respond and moderate emotion before they become flooded by them. They are able to reveal these emotions more truthfully with others, and are more attuned at reading them in the people around them.

It is essential to know what the meaning of the word EMOTION means when you think about becoming more emotionally intelligent. E-MOTION literally means “energy in motion” in the body. One must be able to kinesthetically feel the energy that is flowing inside them. They also must be able to create positive emotion (ENERGY IN MOTION) throughout their bodies and also be aware that their emotion (ENERGY IN MOTION) not only affects them, but also infects all of those around them. Emotional intelligence is one of the most significant components to having a healthy relationship with yourself and others….. SO INVEST THE TIME INTO DEVELOPING IT!

If you want to increase your emotional intelligence and optimize how to use it your social, relational and physical life…  focus on these 3 ACTIONABLE CONCEPTS:

Your body is the true genius. As an athlete…I have been trained to always pay attention to the minutia of my body. Your cells, skin, heart rate, lungs, blood pumping through your veins, temperature, muscle tension, stomach aching, throat closing, vision blurring, ears ringing…ARE ALL MESSAGES to inform you of all the data you need to know. If you want to gain a sense of control over your mind, body, relationships, fears…you MUST listen to your sensations FIRST!!! Most people underestimate, ignore, or live in denial of their sensory responses. Don’t wait for body trauma to explode with screams…have the courage to LOOK WITHIN for the answers that are already inside of you constantly whispering.

 A simple lesson from Psych 101 says that people seek pleasure and avoid pain. Therefore, in order to build success and grow in a positive direction people must have the ability to create moments of positive emotion (ENERGY IN THE BODY). You must be aware of all the little the rituals/ actions in a day that generate instantaneous positive emotions. From the walk in nature, to the big gulp of hydrating water,  a genuine hug,  smiling at a stranger,  the hot yoga sweat, putting on your favorite yummy cashmere sweater, rocking out to a fav song, breathing deeply in your shower, intentionally sending a gratitude text to someone you love…IT ALL ADDS UP!! All the little actions that stir up your energy in a positive FLOW…become the unbreakable arsenal of strength and health we all crave so badly.

We exist in relational context from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. Therefore we effect and are affected by those around us constantly. Our Energy is contagious. Denying your emotions, or hiding them will eat you alive inside and in turn eat your relational life up. As far as I am concerned…The definition of living authentically is when your SAYING, THINKING, DOING, FEELING is in alignment. If what you speak doesn’t match how you really feel, you will become ill. You must be able to speak honestly, courageously, openly about your emotions. TRUTH is the deepest intelligence we have. It lives in your heart, your gut, your body, your soul, your spirit! If you want to become more emotionally intelligent…TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS MORE OFTEN. Own and share how you feel. And ask for that in return from those you relate with.

If all you can do in a given day is deliberately execute ONE OF THESE VARIABLES…you have just increased your ability to be more emotionally present, optimistic, healthy, and content. 

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