Miraval’s Top 10 Summer Must-Dos

There are so many things to love about summer in the desert. The new season brings some of our favorite changes with new and exciting activities that we don’t want you to miss. With the help of our guests and employees, we put together a list of the top ten favorite activities that you will want to enjoy during your Miraval summer retreat.

Here’s a list of our Top 10 Summer Must-Dos:

  1. Follow the path in our labyrinth to free your mind and set an intention whether it is to express gratitude or to just relax.
  2. Enjoy a cool morning hike and start your day with the sparkle of a Sonoran sunrise.
  3. Be an indoor scout and find a treasure or talisman to take home from the Raindance Pass Boutique.
  4. Make it a true spa-day and luxuriate in treatments, body rituals and pampering all day long at the Life in Balance Spa. Close your eyes in the sauna after a deeply relaxing massage, chill out in the quiet room, have a poolside snack, then get polished from hair to toenails.
  5. Challenge yourself with a high-octane work-out on our new Octane lateral x machines.
  6. Take a different kind of bath and tune your body to the sound of ancient healing bowls radiating through the water in Himalayan Sound Bath.
  7. Rock into bliss as you curl up into the calm cradle of a Floating Meditation class.
  8. Get to know our food philosophy and our chefs by joining a behind-the-scenes kitchen tour, live demonstration, and a tasty appetizer and drink with Cocktails in the Kitchen.
  9. Get to Sheryl Brooks’ Are You Sleeping lecture and make summertime the right time to reset your sleep schedule.
  10. Step outside your comfort zone with one of our challenge courses such as Out on a Limb or Swing and a Prayer. 

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