Miraval: The Perfect Girls Getaway

Mindful of the old adage that “friendship improves happiness and abates misery by doubling our joy and dividing our grief,” Miraval invites best friends, moms, sisters, bridal parties, or college pals to share in an extraordinary retreat and enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences.

Miraval is an ideal destination for women to connect with each other and reconnect with their best self. Each experience is crafted with a focus on mindfulness to help open hearts and elevate awareness so one can appreciate living in the moment.  This concept is intended to last well beyond your stay and create balance in your daily life.

Our personal wellness consults understand that one person’s moments is energized by activity, while another’s is characterized by tranquility. At Miraval there is space for both, including unlimited outback hiking, mountain biking, group fitness classes, challenge activities and climbing wall, as well as a vast array of introspective calmer offerings like daily yoga, meditation, and wellness lectures. Not to be forgotten is our life-enhancing spa services at the Life in Balance Spa. Many services are exclusive to Miraval including our award winning Spirit Flight service and Naga Thai Massage. Our innovative spa services are sure to inspire even the most savvy spa maven.

It’s fitting that even before guests arrive, experience planners are available by phone to guide the planning process. From the beginning the experience is all about setting intentions. Guests are encouraged to think about their journey and what they might like to achieve. Experience planners illuminate the path that each person naturally gravitates toward.

By setting an agenda that combines activities and downtime, guests gain wisdom and insights into how to make those choices, how to observe what motivates their selections and to discern which are positive ones, when imposed limits are removed and choice is unlimited, people are free to think more about what they really want and why they want it. The thoughtful and easy planning process lays the foundation for a life enhancing experiences that will create memories of a lifetime.


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