Healing with Tejpal

People come to Tejpal seeking change — some to heal pain, some for release, some for fulfillment. Others are simply curious about her name. No matter why they come, everyone leaves Tejpal with a better understanding of their authentic self and a few take-home tools as well.

A Brennan Healing practitioner, coach, and yogi, Tejpal brings an eclectic approach to spiritual guidance at Miraval. Adding to professional success in corporate leadership and team building, Tejpal has had a lifelong pursuit and study of energy healing practices. At the center of her mix of tools and technique is a power that she urges everyone to access and activate: intuition.

“Developing your intuition is the art of learning to receive experience first, before labeling,” she explains. “It is our best asset. We are all born with it, but don’t all use it.” Tejpal offers lectures, group exercises, and private sessions to hone intuition. Guests can use it to find better answers, make wiser decisions, and achieve the highest levels of clarity and confidence.

Tejpal is only semi-joking when she warns, “When you come to see me, I don’t listen to you,” adding a disarmingly warm laugh. “Because,” she continues in a strong French accent, “I listen less to what you say and more to your energy field. That is how I help people break through blocks.” Tejpal is all about energy. It’s what informs her process and shapes the experience.

She intuitively sees “beyond your stories, your dramas, and your traumas.” In that space lies our pure self — “what we might call the soul.” Tejpal shows us how to best honor that soul, to recognize its potential, and see the wisdom it offers when paired with intuition.

So why are so many of us disconnected from our intuition? One answer, Tejpal suggests, lies in energetic shifts generated by our planet’s movement that created a field of transition, marked by chaos, crisis, and confusion. Your job is not to stop the crisis or chaos but to change how we relate to it through intuition.

If our surrounding energy field is indeed a moving target, then move it we must. The good news is that all this motion has welcomed an era of openness and celebration of difference. However, that same flurry of movement has also created a crisis of choice.in other words, imagine your favorite restaurant suddenly replacing their one-page menu with a massive tome, listing hundreds of potential choices. What happens to the pleasant simplicity of dinner? You now painstakingly read to decipher the overwhelming number of options. You can’t even remember what you like to eat. Disoriented and hungry, you no longer connect to an experience that used to bring joy.

When this occurs in the larger context of our life’s mission, we feel anxiety. We fret and wonder what we are missing – questioning our very existence.

But, Tejpal reminds us, there’s hope! And it comes in the form of intuition.

If we develop our intuitive muscle, it won’t matter if there are five or 5,000 items on the menu. We won’t be distracted from our center, and self-knowledge will prevail. We might even enjoy dinner again.

So, how do we trust our intuition to face the challenge of an ever-morphing reality? Tejpal’s answer: practicing intuition. She offers exercises for this — some only take minutes a day. “Develop that muscle until it feels natural. When you face opposition, your intuition muscle will be strong enough for you to trust it.”

She also teaches aspects of Kundalini Yoga, an energy-focused practice where breath plays an important role. “Breath is a beautiful tool,” she explains, “because each situation you face evokes an emotion and a unique breath pattern that goes with it. This breath pattern shifts with your emotions and thoughts. So, intuition is the ability to face a situation by creating a space that is unburdened by worry and thought. When you change how you breathe, you change how you think and feel, and you create that same space. For more than 20 years, Tejpal (her yogi name, which means radiance and compassion) has helped people make decisions from their core essence, creating the life they want with joy and fulfillment.

Early in her career, Tejpal was vice president of human resources for an international corporation based in Paris. She managed a consultant team and created leadership programs

Worldwide. In 1994 she moved to New York and developed her spiritual practice. At that time Tejpal began studying different healing modalities and practicing Buddhism and Siddha Yoga. She eventually be- came a Brennan Healing Practitioner and has had a healing practice since 2001.

Tejpal’s daily spiritual practice comes from the Kundalini Yoga lineage. Tejpal blends her knowledge and experience of the mind-body-spirit to serve guests. Her foundation comes from Brennan Healing Sciences, Kundalini Yoga Technology, Continuum Movement, and Qi Gong.

Tejpal taps into her medical intuitive and psychic gifts to support each person on their path. Her soul mission is to invite people to reconnect with their inner light with compassion, insight, and healing.


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