Humboldt Fog with Lacto Fermented Strawberries & Miraval Honey

Enjoy this delicious recipe that you can incorporate into a charcuterie setting or an addition to a summer salad.This dish pairs amazingly with a Riesling and gives your palate a refreshing cleanse after taking a bite of the rich, creamy Humboldt Fog cheese. We love using this dish during our Chef’s Table right before the main entrée is presented.

Humboldt Fog with Lacto Fermented Strawberries (picked from the garden) & Noels Honey

Garnished with spring flowers (arugula, broccolini, and sage)

  • 1 oz Humboldt Fog cheese (sliced)
  • 1 oz Local Honey
  • .5 oz freshly picked Strawberries (lacto fermented 96 hours .2% salt)
  • .5 oz garden Flowers (herb flowers and spring greens)


Gather Mise en Place and weight out each ingredient. Start with the Humboldt fog and slice 1 oz to lie on the plate. This will be your base to the dish. Then, drizzle honey over the cheese to cover that majority of the slice so the berries and flowers will adhere to it. Place lacto fermented strawberries on top (.5 oz, several slices should do it) and then place the flowers on top. If you do not have the equipment to lacto ferment the berries, don’t worry, you can easily just add a variety of white and red strawberries to this dish. Lacto Fermenting promotes a heathy GI tract and gives your body natural active cultures so we like to implement this technique when we can.

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