Zen for Men

The world of wellness is shifting. Conventionally, improving health focused on the physical. Personal value was measure by productivity. Spas were for perfume and pampering, and men had no place in them. Not anymore. Men are visiting spas and wellness resorts in greater numbers — and they’re reaping the benefits and returning for more.

The International Spa Association reports that the percentage of spa visitors who are male has increased to almost half — from 31 to 47 percent in recent years. Furthermore, the primary reason people cite for going to spas is to manage stress. As work, family, and financial demands increase, men are facing the toll stress takes on physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. They’re connecting the dots — and they often form into a straight line to Miraval.

Miraval has been welcoming men since it opened and continues to offer real options for the growing number of open-minded men seeking balance. Results of a recent study reported by Fortune magazine show that men and women want a work-life balance in equal measure. In fact, in 2014 a trillion-dollar company’s CEO resigned from his position — a move prompted by his daughter’s list that compiled 22 milestones he’d missed because of work. It was the eye opener he needed to see that his “work-life balance was out of whack.” The idea is catching on. Men, as much as women, need to decompress, to find calm, and control stress. Sometimes, we all need to re-learn how to breathe. At Miraval, there’s a class for that: Breathwork.

Miraval is all about tuning in and being mindful (or paying attention on purpose) to the present moment, without judgment.

Imagine a day at Miraval like this:

Start your day with an intention and take time to slowly walk the labyrinth.

Fuel up with a healthy breakfast.

Get outside while it’s cool: Consider a two hour hike, Challenge Course activity, mountain biking, trail running, or breath walking.

Recharge with a hearty lunch.

Schedule some time with Miraval’s skilled specialists:
– If you’re interested in revising your diet, book with Nutritionist Angela Onsgard.
– If you want to dig deeper into your workout routine, meet Exercise Physiologist Andrew Wolf and the BMC fitness team.

Give yoga a try — there’s a course for every skill level, from novice to expert.

Save time for introspection and learn ways to boost your emotional IQ with facilitators like Tim Frank, Brent Baum, Tony Redhouse, and Anne Parker.

Sip a snack from the Palm Court smoothie bar.

Head to the Life in Balance Spa for The Athlete’s Massage, a deep tissue massage, or the aptly titled Miraval Man treatment.

Unwind with a creative cocktail at the Brave Bill Lounge.

Savor a four-course dinner in the Cactus Flower Restaurant.

Take a soak in the hot tub under the southwestern starry sky.

Slow down, relax, and let yourself sleep.

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