Miraval Moments: My Miraval Experience

Thinking about planning a trip to Miraval Arizona? Learn everything you need to know about our resort, from planning your itinerary, to dining on property, to selecting the perfect spa treatment. Ben, a featured blogger, for BaldThoughts.com, shares tips and tidbits about his recent Miraval experience while providing thoughtful insights on how to make the most of your own Miraval retreat.

Have questions about how to customize a Miraval retreat to suit your intentions? Contact us at 855.234.1672 to learn more.

“Miraval reminded me that a good life is a balanced life. I will definitely be back again.”
– Miraval Guest, Ben



Because each Miraval Moment is unique, we are expanding our Instagram #MiravalMoments to tell our guests’ special stories on our blog. We love hearing about your Miraval experiences, from personal triumphs to quiet moments of reflection. We encourage you to read these stories with the hope that they might spark a memory of your own journey. Perhaps they will inspire you to try something new on your next visit.

To share your story, please email MarketingTeam@miravalresorts.com.


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