16 Insider Tips for Miraval First Timers


Are you new to the Miraval experience and about to embark on your first wellness retreat? Welcome, and congratulations on your decision to renew, recharge, and practice self-care! To ensure that your stay with us is as memorable and seamless as possible, we’re rounded up some valuable information to help you make the most of it. Scroll down for a list of tried-and-true insider tips!

  1. BOOK CLASSES BEFOREHAND: For optimal availability, we recommend reserving spa treatments and activities 6 weeks prior to your arrival. Not only does planning your schedule early ensure that you’ll have first dibs on some of our in-demand offerings (e.g. Cocktails in the Kitchen, Naga Massage, and “It’s Not About the Horse” with Wyatt Webb), but it will also relieve you of any potential last-minute stress. Our team is more than happy to help you book any services you have in mind, so please give us a call at (855) 234-1672.
  2. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR ITINERARY: Excited about your upcoming trip to Miraval but overwhelmed at the prospect of planning out your days? Don’t even sweat it! Our team is here to assist you. Explore Miraval’s wellness activities, spa treatments, lectures and fitness classes on our website and if you are within two months of your desired dates, you can see exactly what is happening each day with our daily activity schedule. Make note of experiences that grab your attention and an experience planner will help to create a personal itinerary for you that best speaks to your intentions. FYI: If you haven’t finalized your travel details yet, you may also want to check out our upcoming events so that you can plan your trip around seasonal events such as Mindful Leadership with Matt Walker, SHAPE magazine’s wellness weekend, or our annual “Summer Under the Stars”.
  3. GET TO THE SPA EARLY: If you booked a treatment at the ‘Life in Balance’ Spa, please note that the pampering begins way before your massage or facial. We offer an array of amenities – including a whirlpool, sauna, steam room, and quiet room – that will help you clear your mind and ease you into a state of total relaxation. Be sure to arrive ½ hour early to take advantage of these!
  4. FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE: Are you flying in to Tucson Airport (TUS)? Miraval offers a complimentary shared shuttle service. If you’re interested, simply let us know your flight details beforehand so that our team can schedule a pickup/dropoff for you.
  5. SELF-GUIDED MEDITATION JOURNEY: In search of a quiet spot to meditate? Visit one of seven mindful locations on property that were chosen for their sacred energies. In fact, our latest one – the Miraval Tibetan Gong – is located in the art garden right by the entrance so that you can enjoy a moment of tranquility upon your arrival.
  6. MEET MONA: Mona, whose bright smile lights up Palm Court Cafe, is not only one of the friendliest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting but she knows a thing or two about nutritious (and refreshing) beverages. While we do offer an official menu of smoothie/coffee options, Mona can customize your drink to your liking and even recommend some “secret” specialty drinks! Drop by any time between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. for (unlimited!) pick-me-uppers or freshly prepared snacks on the go!
  7. SCHEDULE SOME POOL TIME: Whether you want to swim laps or cool off after a hike through the desert, we have a pool (3 to be exact) to fit your mood! While it’s easy to feel like you have to account for every hour of your day, sometimes it’s nice to just go with the flow. Indulging in a little downtime is oh so important – and what better way to do so than by lounging poolside, with cold drinks (try the frozen mint lemonade!) and healthy snacks available at your beck and call?
  8. BEST VIEWS OF THE MOUNTAINS: No matter where you choose to spend your day, panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert will surely take your breath away. However, if you wish to escape the heat but still be able to feast your eyes on the Santa Catalina mountains in a tranquil environment, check out the manicure & pedicure salon. Enjoy a blissful afternoon pedicure  – our signature Deborah Lippmann offering is incredible, by the way – while hummingbirds flutter right outside your window!
  9. LOYALTY PROGRAM: Miraval is now part of World of Hyatt, which means our guests now have to ability to use Hyatt points for room upgrades, complimentary stays, and more. Signing up is easy, and after a 6-night stay at Miraval, you will have enough points to redeem a free night at our resort or one of Hyatt’s 700 hotels!
  10. MAKE DINNER RESERVATIONS: Skip the wait! Drop by the Cactus Flower Restaurant each day to (a) say hi to Patti and (b) reserve a table for dinner. And if you’re traveling solo and in the mood for some company, you’ll be happy to know that we host a communal table each evening. Simply ask Patti to reserve a spot for you and enjoy a delicious meal with new friends. (Oh, and just so you know, your reservation at the communal table also happens to come with glass of complimentary wine…)
  11. DESSERT TO GO: If you want to sign up for an activity at night but don’t want to miss out on any of Miraval’s delectable treats, ask for your dessert to go and place it in the refrigerator in your room. Then, after you’re done, you can top off the evening with a sweet treat on your private patio.
  12. LEAVE YOUR WALLET BEHIND: You don’t have to worry about toting cash around or whipping out your credit card after every activity. With the exception of alcoholic beverages and a room service fee (should you wish to have food delivered there), meals are included with your stay. (Yes, that’s right – you can order as many appetizers or entrees as you like at no extra charge!) Additionally, Miraval is a no-tipping resort. The only thing we want you to focus on during your stay is savoring each mindful moment!
  13. NO DRESS CODE: We receive a lot of questions about what a first timer should pack for a trip to Miraval. While the choice is up to you, just know that we embrace a comfortable lifestyle and encourage our guests to do so as well. Whether you wish to get fancy for dinner or show up in one of the plush bathrobes we provide you with, you won’t be out of place.
  14. HAPPY HOUR: If you’re feeling a bit peckish before dinner, drop by the Brave Bill lounge for cocktails and scrumptious hors d’oeuvres!
  15. ALL ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY: Leave your water bottle at home – no need to carry it with you all the way to Tucson. Along with a tote bag containing a weekly schedule, we provide you with one upon check-in and you can refill it at one of our water stations located throughout the property.
  16. TUCK YOUR PHONE AWAY: Literally…in its own little bed fashioned out of reclaimed mesquite wood. We provide one for each guest in all of the rooms as a reminder to unplug from technology and be mindful in the present. A digital detox seems tough at first, but you will feel rejuvenated in no time! BONUS: The cell phone sleeping bag is yours to keep!

Got additional questions about your upcoming trip to Miraval? Contact a Miraval Advisor at reservations@miravalresorts.com.


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  1. I just returned from my 10th stay at Miraval and once again I am reminded of why I love being there . I have memories galore . The choices are endless yet you can do nothing if you wish. Here are some of my thoughts about Miraval and my suggestions on first time visitors :

    I have been fortunate enough to come here multiple times and willing enough on each visit to participate and experience each of the challenge activities, hikes, mountain biking equestrian related classes, daily yoga, spiritual and well being classes and of course the amazing spa and staff throughout the resort.

    First things first……YOU are the reason you are at Miraval and when travelling with friends choose to have your own room/sanctuary unless the occasional special deals Miraval for shared rooms are so compelling you are willing to sacrifice the ability to sleep whenever you want because most people rise very early here as the morning here is joyous with fun activity and the cloud like bed and linens at Miraval make you want to rest. Also pack only comfortable clothes, no dress up here necessary.

    Second , sign up for things outside of your normal comfort zone , everyone who comes to Miraval that I’ve met is here on some type of journey of wanting to make some positive change in their life and everyone from the guests and the staff are incredibly supportive.

    Third Miraval’s no cellphone policy is for you and not the other guests . Obviously talking on your cellphone is going to be shunned upon by all but because it’s impossible to enforce no texting I still see many guests with their smartphones out and that is where guests who cling to their phones are missing the whole point of the peace of being present and mindful . I leave my phone in my room the whole stay as there are plenty of time frames you’ll be back in your room to check on things important to you but even then if the phone can be detoxed away from you when you are in your room all the better . It makes a big difference in my feeling of peace while at Miraval.

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