Spa-ify Your Bedroom for Restful Sleep

By: Simon Marxer, Director of Spas

There is a reason spas are set up in hushed, low-lit lounge areas. They are designed to make you feel swaddled, to provide comfort and security. Get a restful nights sleep by re-creating this spa effect in your bedroom with just a few of the quick and easy steps below.

Use Neutral Tones

  • Neutral walls, like beige or other earth tones, are quieting visually and contribute to the calming effect of a spa environment.
  • Buy pillows and other accents in cool green and blue—these are the most calming hues.

Use Dim Lighting

  • Use lamps instead of bright, overhead lighting.
  • You want lighting that is not so dark that we signal our bodies to sleep, but not so bright that we are stimulated to thoughts other than the present moment. Find balance between the two.

Quiet the Room

  • Many people find total silence distracting and not relaxing. Add quiet soothing sounds such as white noise or low volume music.
  • You may want to consider a white noise machine to cancel out noise from voices and ambient sounds that are disruptive to the sense of relaxation.
  • Low volume, peaceful music playing in the background is also a great addition to the environment and promotes a contemplative and relaxed state.

Unplug from Distractions

  • Unplug any nearby electronics and clear away anything distracting clutter, especially reminders of work that can be stressors to your environment.

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