Osteoporosis Month

By: Kristi Weber, Exercise Physiologist

Did you know 54 million people in the US have low bone density?  As common as it is, It is not necessarily a part of aging.  There is a lot we can do to help prevent/treat this disease.  Weight-bearing aerobic exercise along with a good solid resistance training program will help tremendously to help keep your bones strong as you age. This goes for men as well as for women.  Learn and practice proper posture which helps with balance which is an essential part of bone health as it can prevent falls.  From yoga to Pilates to working with an Exercise Physiologist and Registered Dietitian for a tailored plan, come for inspiration and leave with education that is personalized to YOU.

Regularly incorporating weight-bearing activities like jogging, walking, climbing the stairs, dancing or hiking for 20-30 minutes, 3-4 times a week is good for your bones and also promotes overall physical and mental health. Ensure you are strength training or “bone loading” at the right intensity. Typically 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions work well for most.  The last few repetitions should be challenging but still able to maintain good form.  Consult an exercise professional for a personalized program appropriate for your needs.

Use it or lose it for balance. Get some exercise “snacks” throughout the day.  Work into your daily routine some small and simple balance exercises such as balancing on one leg while talking on phone, brushing hair or other daily standing activities.  If you need to wait for something, perform a wall sit while you are waiting. Aim for 1 minute to help add some balance and strength to the legs. Go stand in the corner! Facing corner walls, work on balance (single leg, then do it with eyes closed) and use the corner walls for balance. You will find improvement with a little practice.

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  1. Love this information as I have osteopenia. Working on balance all the time as well as weight training at the gym.
    Hope to get back out to Miraval this summer !

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