Summer of Shifting Structures

By: Ravi Karr, Astrologer


Hello, Miraval.

I could not responsibly review the coming summer months without addressing this year’s major alignment.  You may already feel it shifting the ground beneath your feet.  Pluto and Saturn will be making a conjunction in Capricorn for the first time in over 500 years.  Pluto is the planet of destruction and transformational rebirth.  Saturn is the planet of structure, order and reality. These two planets coming together in the sign of Capricorn promise a transformational breakdown of our structural reality.

Though this aspect becomes exact in January 2020, the slow-approaching planets have been moving toward this fruitful marriage and we can feel the gravity of their anticipated union as it gains momentum.  The potency of this rare event can not be emphasized enough, especially considering the staggering amount of structures our species have built in the past 500 years.  The structures of our civilization, particularly political and economic, are up for review.  In their cycles of contact Pluto and Saturn are storied collaborators, revealing what does not work, what lacks integrity, and what must be broken down for healthy reconstruction.  Will we listen?

This powerful partnership not only affects us at a societal level, but individually at a soul level.  At Miraval we aspire for balance of body and mind in service of the soul; the soul whose intuitive wisdom transcends limitations of the highly conditioned mind; the “I” in MIraval.

As you watch Pluto and Saturn’s karmic inventory of external affairs, consider the long overdue assessment of structural inequality that may have socialized your mind and body away from soul communication.  We are all products of these limiting structures and our souls may be rejoicing the fortuitous alignments answering our cries for help.

These pleas are nothing more than the soul’s desperation to structure a more authentic life.  It may be news to some that the mind and body could be disconnected from the soul, but I assure you as a counseling astrologer whose entire practice is focused on facilitating this union, this fracturing of self is endemic in our species; a species structured into homogenization.  But hopefully not for long!!!

Astrology affords us a look at planetary placements and their acausal potential in the lives we express, revealing our individual uniqueness, distinction, and genius.   It is the most effective tool I have found for initiating individuations out of standardized slumber.  My love for our species’ oldest science and its potential for transforming lives has inspired my research into its deepest techniques, revealing the soul for mind and body to embrace.

Luckily, this summer’s eclipses on July 2nd and 16th may only catalyze the transformational growth toward authenticity in those sincere enough to try.  Mercury’s July retrograde through Leo and Cancer may turn our union of mind, body and soul into emotionally secure self-expression. Jupiter in Sagittarius may give us new faith in our integration. Uranus’ recent entrance into Taurus may inspire a deeper connection to our mother earth and ground us in pleasure as we enjoy and honor her.

I look forward to affirming your sensitivity to these cycles, guiding you toward awareness of each transit’s potential, and joining you on this fabulous evolution of the soul.

Yours in celestial service,


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