Cosmically Creative Caravan

Cosmically Creative Caravan


Are you still reeling from July’s intensity?  I know I am!  The eclipses and Mercury retrograde took us for a ride.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who experienced entrances and exits, hellos and goodbyes, opportunities and losses.  Like many of my clients, I ended a significant relationship while inspiration and creativity flooded the vacancy of that loss.

Our creator takes with one hand and gives with the other.

Thankfully the month of August favors us with less intense extremes while offering another polarity and a unique opportunity through its synthesis.  This polarity is Inspiration and Action.  Sun, Venus and Mars travel together as a Cosmically Creative Caravan through the signs of spontaneously creative play and efficiently planned execution.

The Sun is our capacity to shine centerstage, leading others with our vision and inspiring throughout the creative process.  Mars and Venus are the primordial pair of creation and their dance around the Sun during this time in the sign of self-expression exponentially increases the collective’s visionary potential.

Those of you Leos, Scorpios, Aquarians and Taureans – as well as those with other sensitive chart points in these signs – may feel a significant surge of creative energy this first half of the month.  Toward the middle of the month, kingly Jupiter, ruling from his sign of Sagittarius, reverses his retrograde and showers the blessing of expanded vision, widening the road and lengthening the distance this creative caravan can travel.

More good news is Mercury leaves its shadow period on the 15th, freeing us from all the snafus which inconveniently took us into circuitous confusion this past month.  After the 15th we should feel more clarity, informed by the loopy-loop detours of Cancerian emotionality and Leonine self-involvement.  Mercury catches up to our creative caravan for the second half of the month as the road we travel transitions from Inspiration to Action . . .

As our caravan enters Virgo, its palpable influence contracts expansive inspiration into detailed can-do.  Virgos, Sagittarians, Pisceans and Geminians – as well as those with sensitive chart points in these signs – may feel this productive shift more intensely.  Hopefully during the Leonine part of the road trip we captured the innovative downloads on paper.  We must use what we captured as a map, guiding this caravan into the land of “making it happen.”

To help you out, King Jupiter and his guards now apply a bit of tension, a checkpoint on the road, asking you to refine your visions into practical realization before moving forward.  By the time the last days of August approach and the Moon and Mercury join the inspired trinity, don’t be surprised if organizational discipline flows through you instinctively. Ecstatic dance morphs into an ordered march to manifestation.

Make the most of this, Miraval!  I’m honored to affirm your sensitivity to these cycles.  I’ll join you on this hitchhike, squished tightly alongside the inspiring trio, as our Cosmically Creative Caravan’s road trip blasts the soundtrack of Inspiration and Action.

Yours in celestial service,



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