Friday the 13th Full Harvest Moon in Pisces: Faith in the Whole Thing





Hello, Miraval.

Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces showers confetti of psychic awareness into the challenge we and our Cosmically Creative Caravan have faced for the past two weeks.  Traveling through Virgo since the beginning of the month, the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury have been in dynamic aspect to Jupiter and Neptune (both strongly placed in signs of their rulership).

This challenge could be experienced from two angles:

The first could be a sudden, inspiring vision for our lives, arriving at a time when so much creative energy is seeking practical application.  But perhaps the vision is overwhelmingly large.  How does one take the first steps toward realizing this dream???  The scope of this personal vision may crush us, leaving us paralyzed with doubt and confusion.  Is this true inspiration? Could the ego have contorted this impression into delusional grandiosity, unnecessarily complicating what could be a simper dream and a better fit?

The second potential could be that the concentrated creative energy we’ve experienced these past two weeks has overwhelmed certain minds that are overactive, controlling and too self-reliant, creating noisy barriers against potential downloads, psychic impressions, dreams or visions.   These minds would be experiencing exhaustion right now as they unconsciously absorb the collective’s creative thrust and make a conservative compromise with this energy’s potential by trying to do it all on their own.

The Virgoan/Piscean axis upon which we’re challenged to balance this tightrope of inspiration and action makes a difficult aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius, reminding us from the sidelines that it is our lack of faith that throws us off balance.

Faith?  Faith in what?  In ourselves?  In our Higher Power?  In Life?

Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces conjoined Neptune in her rulership has the potential to dissolve all firmly held distinctions of self, other, life and Creator, allowing for Faith in the Whole Thing;  faith in our unfolding experience wherever it leads us; faith in the Creative Intelligence that organizes the Whole Thing; faith in a Whole Thing that includes a solar system which reveals our Creator’s storytelling with the precision of a clock; faith that however we are stretched by our dreams and implementing them, the Piscean ocean that we are is moving us along, whether we swim against the current or allow it to carry us away into who we are meant to be and what we are meant to do.

Maybe for this Full Moon we should try doing nothing.  Maybe we can experiment with being the Whole Thing.  How do we do that?  We could make time for stillness through the body and especially the mind.   In that space we could watch what happens.  What comes our way when we stop, in faith, and allow the Whole Thing to come for us?  Maybe, in that space, circumstance aligns inspiration and action for us.  Overwhelming delusion falls off when we trust the vision is taken care of for us and myopic self-reliance could open to ecstatic inspiration and union with the Whole Thing.

Perhaps this Full Moon is preparing us with a vision of faith when it would count the most.  At 21° Pisces, she is making a beneficial aspect to Pluto.  In January of 2020, Pluto will be conjoining Saturn in Capricorn for the first time in over 500 years at 22° Capricorn.  If you read my post, here,  about this conjunction, you might understand why faith will be needed during this challenging time.  Maybe time spent in stillness for tonight’s Full Moon will provide awareness into how we will navigate the months and years of shifting structures underway.

Let’s get still at some point tonight, Miraval, and see what comes our way.  If nothing else it will be good practice for the dynamic months to come.  Presence through stillness can align inspiration and action despite surrounding chaos. This intense Scorpio will do his best to be still and float in the soup that we are, a cork in the ocean of totality moving us through peaks and troughs.  Maybe floating in this way,  the Whole Thing’s tides will carry us safely.  Be well, Miraval.  I’m honored to affirm your sensitivity to these cycles and look forward to floating with you in the months to come.

Yours in celestial service,



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