Stretching Your “Just-Right” Forward



Hello Miraval,

Saturday the 28th of September’s New Moon in Libra, with Venus in her ruler ship not too far away, might have blessed you with an unusually harmonious day and evening.  You may have experienced your “just right.”

Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?  Goldilocks unlawfully entered the Three Bears’ abode and helped herself to their chairs, bowls of porridge, and beds, sampling three of each until she found her “just right.”  The bears came home, feeling absolutely stunned and violated.  Were she not so cute, I’m sure the Bear family would have mauled her or at least pressed charges.

This story relates to Saturday’s cardinal activation’s by the New Moon in Libra, squaring the nodal axis in Capricorn and Cancer, as well as opposing Chiron in Aries.  Let me explain . . .

Try to remember how you felt this past Saturday.  What activities were you doing?  Were you with others?  Did it feel unusually harmonious?  The sumptuously Libran New Moon might have set the stage for a surprisingly pleasant evening.  In retrospect, you might see specific values that are your “just right”.

Venus and Libra represent what we value.  We self-identify through our values. Through the specificity of these values, we come to know and love ourselves.  The wholeness we experience in knowing and loving who we are attracts ideal partners and friends. We find our vocation through our values, which then gives us an abundant and comfortable life.  This harmonizing process is ruled by Venus who benevolently sprinkled value-awareness dust upon us this past weekend.

How do you hear yourself in this description of Venus’ harmonizing process?  Unfortunately, because of socialization, conditional love from our parents, or anything else that could confuse our self-identification, we may have values within us that are vague or undiscovered.  Consequently, we’ve lost the innocence of our inner-Goldilocks, discovering her own “just right.”  In this vagueness, we lose the Venusian magnetism which could attract more of our “just right” experiences.

Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries, opposed Saturday’s New Moon. His presence suggests that, while Venus was event planning our night, Chiron may have influenced the design, activating healing awareness through our “just right” in relation to those around us.

The dark side of Chiron’s influence could be selfishly indulging our “just right” desires at the expense of others, much like Goldilocks.  Regardless of how cute you are – if you steal someone’s porridge, break their chair or get your selfish energy all over their bed, there will be consequences! We live in a society.

This brings us to an important point as we evaluate Saturday.  How did we operate?  Did we find ourselves in balance with those around us?  Were the transactions mutually beneficial?  And if yes, was the unfolding harmony surprising?  Try to distinguish the elements of this experience because it may be the revelatory blessing Venus offered you.

If Saturday was disharmonious, question why.  Each chart is unique so you may have had difficult aspects around this night. For example, a bouncer I know at a downtown club told me he was anxious Saturday night.  I asked him if he was anxious because things were unusually calm.  He looked surprised as he realized the anxiety came from anticipating the usual chaos . . . but chaos never happened!  If you experienced disharmony on Saturday, consider the possibility that harmony may not be your normal.

The awareness Venus could gift us through this New Moon may be exactly what we need as we approach dynamic months ahead.  This New Moon was aspecting the Nodal Axis with one end in territory where Saturn and Pluto will be making major changes in months to come.  This suggests Saturday night may have given us a vision for a new structure of civilization; structured in the most practical way – the way you particularly experience harmony while you connect to those around you.  Keep this in mind as Saturn and Pluto shift the ground beneath us.  What can you draw from Saturday night’s revelations and how can you maintain its thematic insights, connecting you to others as the North Node in Cancer begs us to structure a harmonious home on Mother Earth.

Have fun with this inquiry, Miraval.   I’m honored to affirm your sensitivity to these cycles.

I’ll join you in this challenge to maintain specific, yet mutually beneficial “just rights”, as the structures of our civilization begin to shift.  May the porridge, chairs and beds we individually enjoy bring us together in a home we share.

Yours in celestial service,



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