Astromagic | Backstroking Through Totality As We Clean House

Cosmic greetings, Miraval.

The start of this New Year began with a pile-up of Capricornian energy emphasizing the lesson we have all been assigned: Structuring a More Authentic Life. The centuries-in-the-making transit of Pluto and Saturn conjoining in January has long-term implications for all of us and may very well color our February since the Eclipses in December and January may have shoved our faces in the themes I wrote about here: Summer of Shifting Structures

If this sounds overwhelming, do not despair. In February we are blessed with two transits that, if properly approached, could resolve any difficulties the Capricornian pile-up may have brought us.

The first of these transits is our upcoming Mercury Retrograde in effect February 1st through March 30th, in the signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

What? Mercury Retrograde as a blessing? I thought we were meant to fear Mercury Retrogrades! We are not to speak, think, trust electronics, others or ourselves. We are supposed to hide under the bed, right?

That is one approach, but let us consider another using this Capricornian lesson plan as context.

Structuring a more authentic life can be overwhelming, especially if you think you must do it on your own. The blessing of this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is that the mind, which is ruled by Mercury, may realize it has never done anything on its own. The mind never asked for the genetics or external conditioning that serve as the foundation for its thinking.

While it may be easy to recognize that external circumstances are out of our control, this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces might reveal that on closer inspection, so are most things – including our sense of self and how that self thinks. We might discover that external elements that are outside our control are the very forces that shaped how we think. Seeing this, we might reconsider taking complete authorship for every action we have ever made.

This is the potential opening made with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. If Mercury Retrogrades may exist to reveal the limitations of our mind, then this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is especially designed to do just that. You may feel during this transit that your mind is a laptop dropped in the deep end of a pool.

Trust that process.

This may be one way the Creator is trying to show you that Mercury/Mind as a closed circuit of identity, and that authorship of action is the illusion that keeps us from the most transcendent experiences promised through Pisces (which gives us the logic to surrender to life). It has been in control the whole time. So in control that it shaped you entirely, has moved you throughout, and even held you in the thrall of this illusion that you are the doer . . . perhaps until now.

When we know this, we could potentially enjoy drifting in a backstroke as the waves of totality carry us into the inevitable.  And maybe not resisting the inevitable tide of our destiny will help us stay afloat. Try this on for size during this Mercury Retrograde: It may replace fear with powerless empowerment.

This is also a time to reach out to the creative intelligence that formed existence. With Merucry/mind backstroking through the Piscean ocean, blessed by Neptune in her rulership, this could be an excellent time to make contact with the Creator and to surrender authorship over your life.  If you are someone who connects to angels, saints, or guides, I would say experiment with cutting out the intermediaries and go straight to the source during this Retrograde.

This relationship of surrender, going straight to the Source – whatever you call that source – is especially important on February 16th when Mars enters the Capricornian field we have been tasked to learn. Structuring an Authentic Life becomes very important when you are asked to use you sense of will to say goodbye to those structures that no longer serve you. Mars conjoining the South Node by the 23rd will be asking for a powerful letting go. If you have connected to Source in the way described during this Mercury Retrograde, you may find yourself floating while still have the powerful will to say NO to those things that don’t honor your new structure for an authentic life.

Be well, Miraval. I am honored to affirm your sensitivity to these cycles. This is a potentially powerful month if you make the most of it. I’ll join you on this backstroke through life, trusting that if we give up our ideas of independent action, the creative intelligence that moves us may give us the Martian strength to cut out what no longer works in the lives we create – or rather the lives that are created for us.

Yours in celestial service,

Ravi Karr, Miraval Arizona Astrologist

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    I’m never really happy about the retrogrades but am intrigued by what you have said about Feb 16th which is my birthday. I may also be going out of town for said birthday and hoping that the retrograde will not make things difficult.

    Any thoughts on that?

    Amy B

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