Digital Mindfulness: Miraval State of Mind

We at Miraval believe the journey to creating life in balance begins with allowing yourself to be present and engaged in the moment. While we all rely on and often revel in our digital devices, we also recognize the importance of consciously balancing our relationship with them. Models of deprivation or excess can be impractical and isolating. Instead of rejecting our devices or being overwhelmed by them, we can choose to use them mindfully. Practice using your devices thoughtfully to serve your goals in suitable spaces and times with these tips:


  1. Leave your phone in it’s sleeping bag and let it to recharge while you do the same.
  2. Disable notifications. Reaching for your phone can be a reflex and not always a choice. When you do take it out, return it to its sleeping bag as a reminder that you are creating a practice of being present.
  3. Pause for three. Pause for three breaths and notice your feelings. Do you feel tension or anxiety about what you might be missing? After three deep breaths, the need may pass.
  4. Make a Mindful Mantra. Repeat a short phrase that reminds you that your phone can wait.
  5. Give generously. Take a moment to give your support for others who wish to take a break from their devices by using yours only in approved areas.

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