Bring Miraval Home With These 5 Tips

Many of us are homebound right now, feeling lost without the same routines and spaces that typically bring us calm. In this new reality, it’s important to find mindfulness wherever we are and be present for ourselves and our loved ones. The space that we keep is so important in fostering this healthy, positive mindset, especially in such chaotic times.

We love seeing our guests arrive at Miraval and immediately take a deep, full breath. Within our resorts, we’ve created spaces that allow our guests to finally relax and feel vulnerable: the quiet room at Miraval Arizona’s spa, the roaring fireplace surrounded by cozy couches at Miraval Austin’s restaurant, our guestrooms where so many people have gotten the best night’s sleep of their lives.

These tips from Miraval’s VP of Spa and Wellbeing, Simon Marxer, will guide you in creating a spa sanctuary in your own home so that you can wake up in the morning and immediately feel balanced and ready to take on the day.

Start with one room – maybe your bedroom or your bathroom – and share your results on Instagram, tagging us @miravalresorts. We can’t wait to see your #miravalmoments at home.

Minimalism: The design of Miraval’s Life in Balance spas are described as “Life Enhancing Minimalism.” This minimalist approach of not having clutter or too many knickknacks around the house helps the mind to relax. Take this time at home to clean out your closet with clothes you don’t wear any more, tackle the piles of paper that have been accumulating on your desk, throw out expired foods and beauty products. Being in an edited home will prevent distractions and give you space to breathe.

Reduce electronics: Miraval’s device-free policy gives guests permission to unplug and experience the present moment. By keeping device use (TVs, computers, radios, etc.) to a minimum throughout the home, you can give yourself permission to not constantly check the chaotic news cycle and enjoy quality time with loved ones. It is especially important to turn off devices at least one hour before bed so that you can fully unplug and get a restful night’s sleep.

Relaxation Nooks: It is nice to have different spaces throughout the house to relax and disconnect. This can be creating a meditation nook in your bedroom with a cozy pillow and your favorite crystals, arranging furniture towards windows with beautiful views or setting up candles and cozy robes around your bathtub.

Bring the outside in: While it is important to avoid too much clutter, having flowers and potted plants are very important in creating a spa-like ambiance at home. Natural elements integrated in the home environment are proven to reduce stress. If you are unable to get to a garden store, open the windows and gaze out at nature, or spend time every day relaxing in nature or preparing your garden. You’ll immediately feel more relaxed.

Neutral Colors: It is important to maintain a neutral color scheme around the home to calm the mind and body. Miraval’s sleep specialists say that soft purples, blues and greens are best used in bedrooms to help promote relaxation.


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