Getting Real With Wyatt Webb

Wyatt Webb has been with Miraval Arizona since the resort opened 25 years ago.
He founded our signature equine programming and has taught thousands – including Oprah – to let go of their false belief systems and discover who they truly are. 

In this video, Wyatt shares how we live in a shame-based and fear-based culture, and the only way to overcome that is to get real. He explains that our purpose on earth is to help each other heal, and we can do that only by being our authentic selves. As anyone who has participated in Wyatt’s “It’s Not About the Horse” class can attest, when one person gets real, everyone else follows suit, and then the healing can truly begin. 

On your next virtual happy hour, take Wyatt’s words to heart and don’t be afraid to be your real self. That’s the best way to help yourself and your loved ones through these challenging, chaotic times. 


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