How To Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

How To Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Research has shown that decluttering can have as much of an impact on our wellbeing as it does on our physical space, causing added stress and more difficulty paying attention. Let’s be real, do we really need more of that right now?!

Rather than getting overwhelmed at the growing piles of paperwork, cluttered playrooms and
overstuffed closets, it might help to look at this time period as a unique opportunity to tackle the spaces that we’ve long ignored.

If your closet or pantry are too daunting right now, Miraval Arizona’s lead esthetician, Kimberly Kelder suggests focusing on your makeup bag and medicine cabinet instead that may be riddled with expired products and harsh ingredients.

Below are a few of Kim’s tips to help declutter and make room for healthy, beautiful spring skin:

  • Clean your makeup brushes with soap and warm water and let dry thoroughly. Make it a habit to wash your brushes at least once a month to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
  •  Toss out any products that are over a year old. Items like mascara and eyeliner have shorter
    shelf lives, so toss any that are over two months old. Also toss any items you haven’t used in the past few months to reduce clutter.
  •  Swap out any old or expired items with “green” products that contain natural, gentle
    ingredients. Think of these as an investment in yourself.  Write down on the package when you purchased the product so that you know when to replace it next.
  •  Make sure that your makeup bag contains SPF and use it on your face and any other exposed skin areas every day. Seek out products that are at least SPF 30 and use minimal ingredients.
  • Add natural exfoliants to your skincare routine in order to increase cell turnover making your skin more receptive to the rejuvenating qualities in natural toners, serums and moisturizers.
  • Switch out your heavier face and body creams that you use in the winter for products with a sheer, lightweight formula. Our bodies need a richer lotion during the dry winter months, but during the summer, a lightweight lotion allows skin to breathe.

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