Monday Motivation from Miraval’s Specialists


Monday Motivation from Miraval’s Specialists

Miraval has been blessed with the most amazing team of healers, health practitioners, wellness providers and staff who spend their lives creating the magic of being able to live in the moment. They’ve changed countless lives and inspired guests to follow their dreams, find peace and experience joy.

To start your week, here are some words of wisdom from Miraval Arizona’s beloved specialists. We hope that these words can guide you in the coming week and give you some much-needed strength and inspiration in these difficult times.

We’re always here for you.

“Most people look at life as all or nothing. They tend to view their life experiences as either good or bad and if one thing is bad, then everything must be bad. Yes, bad things happen, but they don’t automatically negate the good experiences in life. A both/and approach allows us to acknowledge and deal with the negative while also acknowledging and cultivating the positive.”
– Anne Parker

“Fear and anger are both part of being fully human.”
– Wyatt Webb

“One of the reasons people are often reserved at the beginning of the challenge is that they think
they’re the only one who is scared. They think they’re the only one who couldn’t sleep the night before, or that their story is the most dramatic or painful one out there. In the course of the challenge, they see other people’s fears and hear their stories, and in circumstances like this, even a few hours together are enough to create a bond. The challenges can help people develop compassion — both for other people, which is usually the easy part, and also for themselves.”
– Neil McLeod

“In the journey of life, we get so caught up in our responsibilities and the roles we play that we forget who we really are. We lose touch with our divine purpose.”
– Dr. Tim Frank

“Gratitude helps us understand that our existence is a gift. Gratitude is so powerful, and yet so simple, that it’s one of the greatest healers we can invite into our lives. When we really embrace gratitude, our lens gets bigger, and we can show up in the world as beings of love, integrity,  inspiration, and joy.”
– Pamela Lancaster

“Our gifts can come into our lives gradually, and it may take a while to find the perfect way in which they are meant to manifest. The important thing is that you listen to your joy. Begin to explore your gift, having faith it will all unfold in its time.”
– Tejpal

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