Self-Care Rituals with Laurel Shaffer – Founder of Laurel Skin


Self-Care Rituals with Laurel Shaffer

Mindfulness and self care could not be more important to me during these unprecedented times. Most of us are working from home, parenting from home, and/or going through transformational  emotional and spiritual shifts. All of this unfamiliarity can make our normal self care routines get lost. I’ve created this list for you, of tiny ways that I’ve been incorporating self care into my days at home right now – even when it feels like I don’t have the time or energy.

I’ve included Miraval memories that these small habits have stemmed from, and they fill me with hope that I’ll soon be back for my next visit! 

xo Laurel


  • Easing into the day before technology. When I wake up, I often want to reach for my phone right away, but giving myself an hour to ease into the day for a cup of coffee, cuddling with my dog and a glimpse outside has brought me more peaceful days.

Miraval Moment: I still remember taking the Mindfulness at Miraval class several years ago. It helped me create small moments of presence and meditation in my daily life, that now includes being fully present for my morning cup of coffee.

 Minimizing news intake and social media in general. While it is important to be caught up on all that is happening in the world, hearing too much of that can bring me down. I am doing my best to sense when I get overwhelmed, and then disconnect for as long as I feel comfortable – that might be a day or several days.


  • Getting Earth and Sun. By midday my energy can start to drop, and the days and week can start looking a bit blurred together! Going outside to do some earthing and get some vitamin D from the sunshine has been truly helpful for me. My bare feet on the cool grass and the warm sun on my skin are irreplaceable. With so many of us without a yard, I find that even the feeling of cool textured concrete beneath my feet can be a welcome alternative.

Miraval Moment:  Walking the labyrinth barefoot is a favorite stolen moment for me that I look forward to each visit. 

  • Using skin care to connect with nature and gratitude. I’m an herbalist and I created my line, Laurel Skin, to deepen our connection to plants. When I use our products each day I have an immediate sense of peace and well-being: a deep appreciation for the plants and the farmers who grew them. Their textures and scents anchor me, and the ingredient list reminds me further of the support of these flowers and leaves.

Miraval Moment: A Sun Goddess Facial with Kim Kelder, utilizing my favorite Laurel Skin products for the Arizona sunshine.


  • Trust. These last couple months have been an exercise in me trusting myself – that I can handle whatever may happen. Trusting the good of humanity. Trusting that we are all divinely cared for and held in a web of universal love.

Miraval Moment: Seeing Pam Lancaster is a must for every trip I make to Miraval Arizona! My last trip this past winter, Pam said my theme of the year ahead would be TRUST. 

Joy. Are you still finding moments for joy right now?  I’m finding bigger laughter from my husband’s silly jokes, deeper gratitude when my dog snuggles closer to me, and joy in bird-watching from our yard.

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