Made with Love – The Mindful Intentions Behind Laurel x Miraval Collaboration


Our guests know that we feature many of Laurel’s products in our spa treatments, but what many don’t know is that our relationship with her goes much deeper than that.  In addition to working with our spa teams, Laurel has worked with Miraval’s  farmers as well as local farms in the Lenox, MA and Austin, TX areas to source ingredients for two products she has created in partnership with Miraval.  Here’s more information on the incredible products, and needless to say we can’t wait to see what’s next:

Petal Pecan Mask:

“I spent much of 2018 creating this product for Miraval Austin. Spas become more than just spas to me when they embrace wellness. They empower their guests to connect with their mind, body, and spirit. I have been enamored with Miraval for well over a decade because I resonate and have a passion for taking my own physical, emotional and spiritual health into my own hands. Miraval is one of a kind in how they approach spa, and it’s because of their deep roots in wellness.” -Laurel

The Petal Pecan mask has a beautifully balanced humectant and lipid combination with Honey and Pecans, making it both hydrating and moisturizing, with a plumping, softening, and dewy effect. It has active enzymes from raw Peaches and warming herbs like Tulsi, Turmeric, and Ginger for an immediate glow. It also has soothing and regenerative flowers like Calendula and Chamomile to help build and strengthen tissues. The Petal Pecan Mask ingredients are sourced within 50 miles of the Miraval Austin property and were all farmed exclusively for Laurel Skin from seed to bottle throughout this year. And seven of the 21 whole plant ingredients were cultivated on Miraval’s very own organic property farm. 

Read the full origin story of the Laurel x Miraval Petal Pecan Facial here.

Tulsi Rose Balm:

To create the second collaborative product with Miraval Resorts, Laurel worked  with farmers, distillers and seed pressers in the Berkshires area of Massachusetts for over 18 months to create the Tulsi Rose Balm, a waterless, rich, concentrated moisturizer. Especially well suited to the face, neck, chest and shoulders, this Balm stimulates lymphatic movement and circulation which is essential for the health of the often overlooked decoletee.  The potent, raw, unrefined, regionally grown Berkshires botanicals were selected to regenerate and brighten the skin, neutralize free radicals and strengthen connective tissue, while the essential fatty acids, phytoceramides and tannins were selected to strengthen the skin’s barrier.  The lingering fragrance of this Balm is one of forest and flower petals – the combination of Roses, Tulsi, Cedar and Vanilla work directly on the pituitary gland to calm and soothe the senses.

For more information on Laurel Skin & to purchase her organic, sustainable skincare products, click here.





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