Blame it on the Bedding


Healthy sleep is a major cornerstone of our personal wellbeing.
Without it, our bodies do not get the opportunity to recharge and restore, both mentally and physically.

We live in a society where most of us are plugged in 24/7. Always on the go, staring at screens, constantly trying to keep up. We seem to forget that our brains and bodies require adequate amounts of good, quality sleep to stay healthy. Everything from our immune system function to our metabolism, our reaction time, our memory and our moods can be improved when we get the right amount of quality sleep

At Miraval we often address sleep in our wellness lectures. Below you’ll find simple tips from our experts that can improve your quality of sleep and in doing so improve your overall health.

  1. Avoid large meals or alcohol close to bedtime.
  2. Alcohol use affects your brain chemistry and it’s common for people to actually wake up as the alcohol is metabolized through the body if used before bed. A
  3. Turn off all electronic screens at least one hour before sleep.
  4. Create a sleep time ritual. Choose a dimly lit space or in light designed to limit blue light waves, get comfortable, think about the events of the day, and put them to rest, then do something relaxing until you’re sleepy.
  5. Your bedding may actually play a bigger role in your wellbeing than you think!

Research has found that a good night’s sleep actually helps with a bounty of benefits like improving your memory, weight managementmental health, and boosting your immune system just to name a few. Being more thoughtful and intentional when purchasing your sheets and bedding can help us more than just by sleeping comfortably, but ultimately by reinforcing our overall wellbeing.


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