Celebrating 25 Years of Miraval

On a patch of desert, north of Tucson, among the mesquite trees, saguaros, and prickly pear, Miraval quietly opened its doors, offering something new to the world. Part luxury spa resort, part mindful wellness experiences, Miraval took its name from two Spanish words, combined to mean “view of the valley.” This name also represented the view within and the importance of looking inward to align body, mind and spirit.

For over 25 years, that view has inspired, humbled, and transported visitors. Guests come here to discover the desert out there while exploring the inner landscapes of their own hearts and minds. They learn to find inside themselves the missing pieces that eluded them in a world that obstructed their view. Not to discover — but to remember — who they are. A guestbook entry reads, “Miraval re-introduced me to myself. I had forgotten how much I like me.”

Miraval was created and curated with clarity and intention — a sanctuary for people to regain balance, to restore wellness and happiness to their lives. People continue to come, year after year, as guests, guardians, and guides, adding layers to a rock-solid core, illuminating each experience.

At it’s heart, Miraval is a family. One whose ancestors were a real family, with real struggles and extraordinary dreams. They, and a few fellow pioneers, opened this view to the world.

Some have moved out from that center to illuminate new paths in new places. Miraval now generates its own light, nurturing the family that organically grew around it. Miraval is a special place, filled with special people who provide endless opportunities for individuals to re-center their body, minds, and souls. A space where they can be grounded us in nature, and elevate their spirits.

Miraval celebrates its silver anniversary with gratitude for its foundations and applause for our colleagues who work tirelessly to elevate and innovate.

Join us as we reflect on the past 25 years with a special video. Join the celebration here.

Thank you for being part of our journey

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