“Life is about change” Davida Clary
 Meet Davida Clary, owner and founder of Wonder Years Preschool. When hard times hit in the summer of 2020, Davida did not hesitate to put aside her own well-being to support her students and staff.
For all her hard work, generosity, and kindness Miraval and our partners at the United Way of Greater Austin gifted Davida with a well-deserved spa getaway to Miraval Austin. We appreciate all you’ve done!

Davida shares her wellness journey and the life changing experiences she encountered.

Life is about change.  About being open to new experiences.  When asked to participate in this opportunity, I had to agree.  Being open to new experiences is one of my core beliefs.

As I reflect on my journey, I see a pattern.  It seems I live to empower people, to challenge them (and myself) with daring to become what we dream.  This dream it, become it, process requires a great deal of self-reflection.  At this moment in time, when hope is wavering for many, and dreams are seemingly unattainable for many, my time at Miraval was miraculous.  Everything I needed to continue moving forward on my path; self-reflection time, mindfulness practices, and physical wellbeing resources, was right at my fingertips.

I participated in mind, body, and spiritual awakening classes to round out the pampering I indulged in.  Each class provided me with experiences to help me overcome the challenges I will inevitably face on this journey of empowerment.

The wonderful views of Lake Travis, the sounds of water emitting from the Yoga Barn, and the fragrances from the Zen garden allowed me to fully embrace the essence of Miraval.  Although I did not get to book a farm experience, I totally enjoyed the farm to table cuisine.

I rounded out my stay with a small shopping spree at the retail store where the most amazing interaction occurred.  As I skimmed through the vast items in the store, an interesting card caught my attention.  To my surprise I was wearing the same colors and patterns of the person on the card.  I felt like I was looking in a mirror.  The store clerk was hysterically excited.  She insisted on taking a picture of me holding the card and sending it to the artist.  How ironic is that?! It is not ironic at all. I do not believe in coincidence.  The entire experience from start to finish was a perfect alignment of purpose and guidance from above.  My stay at Miraval reaffirmed my essence and my purpose in this world.  I felt my toolkit being replenished with methods to help me navigate the current obstacles in sustaining my small business.

In reality, these resources will aid me with more than sustaining my small business.  They will help in my pursuit to have a transformational impact on the lives of others.  I will use these measures to elevate and expand others’ way of thinking so that their lives are enriched, and they are mentally, spiritually, and physically empowered on their journey to become.

My final thoughts.  As I gazed at the majestic scenery from the Discovery infinity hot tub, my mind drifted to thinking about infinite possibilities. Despite the current turn of events we all face today, there are still limitless opportunities.  I believe the desired result will eventually materialize if one thinks creatively and makes small changes.  I am hopeful that my efforts in setting a strong foundation for children will eventually shrink education and economic disparities that exist for many families.  I am determined to share these techniques and my life experiences to help lift families out of poverty and improve their quality of life.

Once again, thank you for this life changing opportunity.


Davida Clary


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