Setting Solar Eclipse Intentions

Are you ready for the celestial show tonight?

This new moon is a solar eclipse with both the Sun and Moon meeting in the mentally versatile air sign Gemini. In Gemini, we are looking at the present moment, engaging in what we see now, and gathering information to formulate a new story for ourselves. Add to that the current retrograde Mercury motion, and this solar eclipse marks the beginning of a 6-month period of reconnecting with people, repatterning our thoughts, and relearning when we have become stale in our thinking.

Here are some suggestions from Miraval Austin’s resident astrologer, Lynn Carroll-Rivera, for making the most of this energetic shift:

  1. START A JOURNAL – Jot down your observations about what is true for you now and let whatever feelings/dreams/ intuitions come up in the process be seen and acknowledged
  2. GET CURIOUS – Be curious about what is possible for your life! Ask yourself questions and seek out honest feedback to stimulate new thoughts.
  3. LIST INTENTIONS + AFFIRMATIONS – Write down your intentions and add affirmations underneath each one that supports those intentions. Sometimes this activity will illuminate where your old fears, beliefs, doubts are lurking and this is a great time to witness those things and write a new affirmation of what you intend instead. Put those new affirmations in the present tense – even if they are not yet true. For example, if your intention is to find more work/life balance you might write: “I have the perfect mix of productive work and pleasurable relaxation in my life.” or “I value my free time and make a point of including periods of rest and fun in my weekly schedule.”
  4. LEARN SOMETHING NEW! – Take up a new study or hobby. Share your ideas and interests with other like-minded people.
  5. OBSERVE YOUR THOUGHTS + WORDS – Most importantly, observe your own thoughts and words that you say out loud and to yourself. This lunation highlights the power of our words and thoughts in shaping our lives and how they impact others around us.

Which of these tips will you try over the coming months? Let us know below!

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