Holiday Mindful Eating Tips from Miraval’s Sam Blumenthal, RDN, LDN

Holiday Mindful Eating Tips from Miraval’s Sam Blumenthal, RDN, LDN

The holidays typically can be a stressful experience filled with endless to-do lists, hours of meal preparation, and family drama, making these celebrations something that can be easily dreaded. Here are some tips from Sam Blumenthal, RDN, LDN, Miraval chef and registered dietitian on how to embrace holiday gatherings and use this as an opportunity to reconnect with friends, family, and loved ones.

  • Find your unique journey. Remember that everyone has a different relationship with food and how we enjoy meals is a personal experience. To help hone in on your own unique experience, tune into the textures and the flavor of food. Can you notice the temperature? The aroma? Find the type of food that feels best for you and enjoy it.
  • Show gratitude. Be present in the celebration and be grateful for the time you can spend with loved ones, family, and friends. Share conversations around the dinner table that surround this very moment including the food you are eating. By doing so, you can explore the meal thru a lens of curiosity, as you share the present dining experience with those around you.
  • Be creative in the kitchen. When preparing dishes,use diverse textures, seasoning, and flavors that make wholesome food a joy to eat. Mindful eating does not have to be boring and when exploring these flavors, remember that the most important ingredient is the love and intention of the preparation.
  • Be understanding. Ask yourself if this is the loving choice.It’s okay to have a slice of pie or a glass of wine at dinner. A sweet dessert can symbolize the moments and memories we are creating with the ones we love. Your loving choice can look different and evolve each time you ask yourself this question.
  • Enjoy the moment. Look at meals as an opportunity to connect with others by sharing old family stories, exchanging recipes, and learning about each other’s lives. This is a time to step away from work and the hassles of everyday life and enjoy each other’s company.

Sam Blumenthal, RDN, LDN

Sam is a registered and licensed dietitian, as well as a Miraval chef, who sees food as her vehicle and truth as her message. Her goal is to create a safe space to nourish, spark culinary creativity, and support your personal evolution both inside and outside of the kitchen. With her innate sense of compassion and vibrant energy, she is dedicated to helping you explore the value of reconnecting with food to enhance and evolve the relationship of body and mind. Guests at Miraval can work with Sam to understand the true difference between feeling full and feeling fulfilled, all while they build their own sense of community and connect with others over their unique culinary journeys.

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