Full Moon in Leo

Time After Time

We stand up and demand to be seen in this Leo full moon’s spotlight.

It arrives on the 16th of February and brings with it a glorious alignment of Venus and Mars.

This full moon is about enjoyment, and it’s the kind of joy that compounds itself with companionship. This festive, outgoing, and social energy wants an audience. It wants a full-on festival. It compels us to connect with other people. And, after so much isolation, that feels good.

Get inspired, gang. “This lunation of leadership,” says Miraval Austin Astrologer Lynn Carroll-Rivera,“beams our creative vision into action after all our recent inner meditations.” We begin moving away from the theme of “it’s not working anymore” into the power of “let’s give it a try.”

In this time of throwbacks and overlapping eras, I can’t help humming along to this lunation with a playlist of 80s-rock anthems.

Eye of the Tiger

All the energy focuses on February as a beginning, lining up with Chinese astrology and the launch of the lunar new year.

Your vision is as full as the moon and, as we kick off the year of the tiger, your eyes are laser-focused on the prize.

January’s energy sparked a lot of revisiting, renewing, and reassessing. It’s a month we can toss back to last year, an extra wind-down or denouement to 2021. Maybe it was a gift from the stars that we got a bonus beat to get in gear after last year’s frenetic dance of two-steps-forward, one-step-back.

We keep moving forward with no definitive answers for a new blueprint for life, and that’s ok.

If 2021 was characterized by tentatively dipping a toe in the pool and yanking it back out again, then 2022 is putting hands on hips and wagging a finger with an enough-of-that gesture. We might not make the right move every time, but the key right now is to move.

Hungry Like the Wolf

January’s full moon was a Wolf Moon—all about collective energy and the importance of the pack. February howls as the Hunger Moon. We fight the isolation that comes with the cold.

We move from hunkering down to hungering for connection with the right people. The new moon’s replenishment helped us emerge, regardless of the season’s challenges, and ride out the storm with the company we crave. 

Should I Stay or Should I Go

At Miraval Resorts, we talk a lot about showing up and being present. This is a good time to ask it of your relationships. Are you showing up? Are others showing up for you?

These can be friendships or work relationships, too. Venus goes direct and rules over all of our partnerships. Are your co-workers bringing their A-game? Are you compensating for someone who is not showing up?

This awareness will come naturally – relationships need to get more serious, committed, and focused on the future, or you might find yourself saying…

Goodbye Stranger

After Venus’ long retrograde trek in Capricorn, we could see some relationships come to an end. Sometimes we need that kind of energy to push us out of our comfort zone and confront reality. We need to ask the question: are we on the same page?

“Venus in Capricorn focuses on materializing tangible results,” says Lynn. “When she is around people who don’t have the same intention or help with that manifestation, they quickly lose their appeal.”

White Wedding

While there might be some cutting of loose ends, the 16th is indeed an auspicious day for unions. Venus and Mars are precisely conjunct on this providential day.

“When Venus emerges from her retrograde period,” Lynn tells us, “she meets Mars in Capricorn. This is a celestial alignment of the inner divine feminine with the inner sacred masculine. Venus and Mars meet exactly in the sky with this full moon in a lovely opening of Heart Energy to align with our heart’s desire.”

This is a super-focused, intentional, and mature marriage for each of us internally. It ushers in a  powerful surge in goal and intention-setting for manifestation. Wonder-twin powers, activate!

The feminine energy of Venus is what we love, want, and desire.

Mars’ masculine vitality is how we get it.

“When they come together in Capricorn,” Lynn notes, “it’s a new cycle of Venus and Mars together that is a uniquely intentional union of inner feminine and masculine energies.”

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We Belong

Finally, Venus and Mars are together in a sign that is not about fooling or convincing ourselves of something. No more jamming square pegs into round holes. It’s a meaningful goal and a declaration of belonging and acceptance.

This is your moment to make a commitment: start that novel, accept that job, say yes to the dress. This full moon’s tractor beam will urge you to gather with kindred spirits and celebrate the creativity of conjoined energies.

Bask in it, breathe it in, and put the band back together.

It’s time to belt out a duet and amplify the message that—in this moment, under this moon—we belong.

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*Source material provided by Miraval Austin Astrologer Lynn Carroll-Rivera. Click here for Lynn’s offerings.

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