New Moon in Pisces

Dream Big

The new moon on March 2 takes us sailing into Pisces season, a mystical space of imagination, fantasy, dreamy dreams, and muses.

“Pisces,” Lynn Carroll-Rivera says, “is much more connected to the cosmic sea than the physical world.” Let’s glide into this watery energy and reach into other realms for inspiration as the moon joins the sun and Jupiter in Pisces.

Blessed by Jupiter’s abundance and good fortune, this magical new moon brings a fresh, hopeful bounty. For an extra dose of dazzling delight, its conjunction with Neptune and sextile to Uranus—a planet of change, innovation, experimentation, and brilliant new ideas—amplify this cerulean sea as we surf into spring.

Pisces isn’t known for its clarity or realism, and Jupiter can ramp up all that Piscean escapism (I’m looking at you, late-night-online-shoppers and binge-watchers), so if you tend to flights of fancy or compounding fears, do your best to stay away from X-Files reruns and internet rabbit holes. Pisces is about getting relief from the mundane, ugly, and harsh but let’s watch out for the surreal slip ‘n’ slide of excess.

Jupiter expands and exaggerates, but it’s also the planet of wisdom. Try leaning into the strong desire for creating that comes with this dark blanket of a sky. Warp your metaphorical loom and weave something wonderful. Make a wish and dream a whole new world into being.

“This is the most optimistic new moon we have had in a long time,” says Lynn. “It softens the harshness.” Its potential energy connects us to the boundless design of the universe and urges us to revel in discovery while releasing old troubles.

We can begin by softening our judgments of ourselves. “Jupiter in Pisces,” Lynn points out, “is also such a kind position. Give yourself credit for what you have weathered through and accomplished.” It has been a weird couple of years, and we have lost many things; now it’s time to carry on, even if we don’t always feel calm.


As You Wish

It’s one of my favorite cards. There is so much radiating out from this woman and so much that she is receiving. It shows us how the whole world expands when we turn toward our dreams, embrace what we are grateful for, express what we want more of and what we want to create. It’s that unrestrictive Jupiter influence that invites us to dream big.Lynn Carroll-Rivera

From The Light Seer’s Tarot Copyright ©2019 by Inc.

Our corresponding tarot card for this lunar phase is the Nine of Cups. The sign of cups is water and all the emotions, intuition, and creativity that flows with it. When this card appears in a reading, it’s as if the universe is saying, you may have your wish.  

It’s the Wesley to your Buttercup (for our Princess Bride fans).

The card’s central figure flings her arms open to bask in glimmering light and golden cups of goodness. She hovers above an overflowing treasure chest. This is a card of receiving; if it could make a sound, it would join you in a resounding YES duet. If you have the conviction to ask for something and the courage to receive it, the good feelings and things you want will be showered upon you. Your answer will be a farm-boy’s soulful whisper of as you wish.

Magical Times

It is now time to pay attention to the signs and synchronicities the universe sends. Accept that magical alignments come—not from anything you do to make them happen, but from your expression of desires and dreams. When we assemble and ask, the universe responds. But we also have to allow ourselves to accept things when they appear.

Pisces tends to soothe others and be selfless in a world that mistakenly teaches us that it’s better to give than receive. “That’s inaccurate,” Lynn maintains. “If the law of attraction tells us anything, you must do both. If you give a gift to someone, you delight in their receiving it with gratitude. If their reception is dismissive or offhand, you lose that delight.”

Your value is not decided by your suffering. By focusing only on sacrifice, we diminish our own happiness and deflate the joy-balloon of a generous soul. It can feel like rejection for the giver, and when the giver is the universe? You’re wasting its time and missing out. Filling your cup doesn’t have to deplete someone else’s, and it might even multiply its contents.

Lynn reminds us that “this is a magical time, and we must be in that mystical mindset of looking for the signs and allowing them into our lives with gratitude and grace.”

Balancing Forces

Immediately on the heels of this new moon, Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, adding an analytical element. Capricorn is the most ambitious of the signs and is all about accomplishing things, not just dreaming about them. This energy is very much about setting definite goals, realistic strategies, and purposeful plans to balance the Pisces fantastical vibe.

All the planets are direct now until the end of April—no celestial rascals or retrogrades to steer us off-course. All the things that have been swirling inside of us now have a chance to get some traction. Like the tiny green shoots pushing out from the thawing soil, we move forward with spring’s beckoning spirit. The season of growth returns, and we rise with it.

Order Up

This is a great time to peruse your cosmic menu and order up some spiritual sustenance.

Start a mindfulness practice or do something to check in with yourself daily. Don’t wait for red flags to rise or just scan yourself for danger. Instead, you can be gentle, comforting, and loving to yourself.

However you choose to do it—gardening, walking in nature, cooking, journaling—the creative element is super strong in this Pisces season. So, run with it and resume whatever it is you love to do: sing, dance, write, knit, or make art. Tinker with your tools and feed your nature with uplifting moments. Even the little things, like a daily gratitude journal, make a difference.

“Not only does it make you feel better to think about the things you appreciate and love in your life,” says Lynn, “but it’s like putting in your order to the universe and saying, More of this, please!

*Source material provided by Miraval Austin Astrologer Lynn Carroll-Rivera. Click here for Lynn’s offerings.

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