Full Moon in Virgo: Temperance

By Araxe Hajian

March 18th’s full moon shines in grounding Virgo tonight with earth-tethering energy. This healing moon brings order to a chaotic world. Levelheaded Virgo allows us to create balance in this spacey sun sign of Pisces, which can leave us ungrounded and adrift in an ocean saturated with more cosmic energy than common sense. Virgo gives us the gift of perception to make sense of all the feelings Pisces makes us feel.

“Pisces can take us to our most imaginative and creative places where we come up with amazing ideas, insights, and inspiration,” says Miraval Austin Astrologer and Tarot Expert Lynn Carroll-Rivera. “However, Jupiter’s growing influence is going to add some unreal exaggeration to that flighty feed. People who have difficulty grounding might find themselves floating into the ether.”

Mercury rules Virgo, and right now, it is in Pisces next to Jupiter. Jupiter’s sway enlarges and expands everything it touches–including Pisces’ forgiving energy, compassion, and creative imagination—and also people’s fears. “Whatever picture you create in your mind will just get bigger,” cautions Lynn, “so be mindful of your visualizations and others’ projections. Not everyone is thinking about love and peace right now.”

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This time of inflated Pisces energy can send people to extremes. But Virgo tempers that with good practices and daily habits that make us healthy, sustain us, and let us feel at ease in our bodies.

“The archetype of Virgo is the virgin,” explains Lynn, “but not the innocent maiden or some patriarchal vision of physical purity. She is the goddess, and her divine feminine energy brings order to the world.”

This is not the masculine version of rules and regulations, Lynn notes, but a holistic one that doesn’t over-emphasize mind over heart. Virgo’s purity of spirit as a sovereign woman—not obligated or beholden to others—elevates us, along with Pisces’ free-wheeling vibe, to a higher state of the soul.  

“Virgo,” Lynn says,” is about bringing a healed wholeness, not in exaggerated ways but very grounded and practical day-to-day ways. The earthy sign of Virgo steers the ship that floats in that swirling Piscean sea.”

We can see ourselves in this absolute perfection. Virgo’s mutable nature gives it just enough wobble to sway with Pisces’ shifty, unpredictable waves. With this lunation, we get to slip earth’s bonds and swim among cirrus clouds, starry clusters, mysterious realms, and uncharted oceans without rip tides or undertows.

We can turn down the volume of our familiar soundtracks and tune into hidden whispers. The planets make their own playlists, and we create new musical genres under the generative force of luminous moonbeams.

We turn our ears to seashells and hear the heavens hum within.

Let’s use that fusion of imagination and guidance to create something beautiful and positive for ourselves and the world. Let’s lift each other up and discover something new instead of crouching down in fear of the unknown. 

Air Signs

You might feel a little uncomfortable in all this water. Let your breath buoy you as you inhale the vapor of inspiration. Your unwavering vision can reveal all that hovers above the oceanic excess. Keeping your gaze on the stars will stem flooding fears and assuage the surrounding sea’s fathomless depths.




Water Signs

This full moon will feel good for you—maybe a little too good. You could get lost in reverie. Look for anchoring practices to keep you from floating away or dissolving all boundaries. The tide is tremendous and tempting with its watery embrace. Reach out for your solid somethings or someones, and you won’t get swept away.




Earth Signs

This energy will lighten things up for you. It feels good to think about what is tangible, but even better to dream about what is possible. Like the sweet sap pouring out of spring’s maple trees, this lunation (sometimes called the Sugar Moon) coaxes your creativity to flow. It pulls you away from the bottom line and into a circle of inspiration and compassion.




Fire Signs

You’re already all about getting inspired and pumped up, but Pisces’ nebulous nature is not always easy for you to grasp. This drifty vibe can frustrate you because it challenges you to feel your way through instead of charging full steam ahead. Get in touch with your subtler sparks, and let your soul steep in this cosmic brew.




If March’s new moon asked us to identify practices to keep us grounded and set up a blueprint of sorts for sustenance and sanity, then its full moon gives us the energy to implement them. It’s time to get things done.

March’s full moon inspires us to reach new heights with novel solutions. You can make a journey of one thousand miles with one small step. You can combine Virgo’s structure with Pisces’ effervescence and sway into the sky like Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s famous flower-shaped skyscraper, anchored by the weight of 100,000 elephants and reaching half a mile high.

Knitters, cast on your needles. Gardeners, plant your seeds. Artists, stretch your canvases, Musicians, tune those strings. Whatever you begin now, you can propel yourself further and stronger with this full moon’s momentum.

This moon lights you up so you can savor all the flavors, see all the colors, feel all the feelings, and hear every note. It’s not reckless or random. Underneath this sensory symphony is a subtle order. A tango of temperance. Strut out under its light to structured tempos and syncopated beats, taking big strides and little steps in tandem with the tides.

Temperance: Meeting in the Middle

From The Light Seer’s Tarot Copyright ©2019 by Chris-Anne.com Inc.

Our card for March’s full moon is Temperance. Here, an androgenous angel balances the sun and moon with human arms and ethereal wings. An angel in hiking boots with heels. Neither male nor female, they ask us to hover in the space between practical and playful, where fact and fancy collide. Instead of cups or containers, this angel holds the sun and moon in balance, each pouring its essence into the other in a fluid arc of alchemy.

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What does it mean to be temperate, to temper ourselves? We temper chocolate and metal with extremes of opposing temperatures to make them smoother and stronger. This card reminds us to bring balance, patience, and moderation into our lives. It represents the middle road and avoiding extremes.

Our angelic nature rises in this Pisces sun and binds us to the divine. The Virgo moon tethers us to our humanity and grounded wisdom.

“We are divine beings living in a physical world, but we sometimes we forget our origins and our capabilities,” says Lynn, and maintains that the best outcome of this card comes if we can remember that, connect with it, and embody it.

How does that relate to this full moon in Virgo? “Expressing that divinity with this full moon,” answers Lynn, “gives us an opportunity to bring our yearnings for peace, spirituality, serenity, and inspiration into a physical practice.”

After all, Lynn reminds me, this is what we do at Miraval—we try to give people regular practices to take home and integrate into their daily lives. To find a middle ground for our extremes and fuse them into the finest version of ourselves.”

*Source material provided by Miraval Austin Astrologer Lynn Carroll-Rivera. Click here for Lynn’s offerings.

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