Meeting for Work, Reconnecting for the Soul

By Heather David, Director of Digital Marketing at Miraval Resorts

With over 50 million people transitioning from traditional office settings to remote work, teams have had a lot of learning and adjusting to do. There is no playbook for keeping your team motivated, excited, and engaged in your brand mission. The era of collaborative brainstorming in conference rooms or innovative ideas springing from impromptu coffee and lunch breaks has officially ended.

Our new workplace-normal consists of video conferences where you may or may not see the face of your fellow participants. You may spend 40 hours a week virtually with teammates you have never physically met. Or you may be selling a product you have never experienced firsthand. There is no longer a physical connection between the people and places that are foundational to a company or brand.

Sure, we have found ways to stay connected. Video happy hours, anyone? Entire conversations composed in GIF form with your work bestie? (If I’m being honest, that was already becoming the norm pre-pandemic). But really, how long can we function as collaborative and creative teams who feel fulfilled and purpose-driven in the sometimes isolating existence of working from home.

Let’s face it, remote workplaces and hybrid schedules are likely here to stay, making in-person gatherings with teammates all the more important and special.

So, how do you make the most of the in-person time spent with your team?

One option is to embark on a wellness journey together. One led by specialists who create supportive environments and offer truly unique activities that open hearts, inspire minds, and invigorate spirits. These activities serve as the foundation for building stronger bonds, fomenting creative new strategies, and seeing challenges from a new perspective.

Read on to learn about my team’s recent wellness retreat at Miraval Berkshires, our takeaways, and how it helped us reconnect as a team, not only in person but on a deeply empathetic, soulful level.

Team Retreat at Miraval Berkshires: The Itinerary & Responses

First up: QIGONG

Class Description: Engage in the moving meditation of Qigong, an ancient Chinese healing art integrating controlled breathing, posture, and movement exercises.
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“I was so excited to visit Miraval Berkshires and see my whole team in person (some for the first time) and share these experiences with them. Everything from meals together, collaboration during work, and trying new experiences was an amazing bonding experience that was truly missed these past few years.”

– Syrena Welch, Brand & Content Manager

“The meditation specialist helped us reconnect with our inner peace. It was such a grounding way to start the day. We were guided to let go of stress and harness the positive energy that permeates this property.”

– Heather David, Director of Digital Marketing


Class Description: Explore the relationship between your own energy and the energy of the Year of the Tiger. Receive your own I Ching card deck and discover your personal theme for the year ahead. Beth Grace guides you through a month-by-month forecast with insights for carving out your most advantageous path as you navigate through the energy of the new year.
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This experience was absolutely fantastic. The best part was being with my teammates and getting to know them more personally!

– Emily Wojtkowski, Marketing Coordinator

It was fascinating to learn about the subtler aspects of our personalities and how these emerge in work conversations and collaborations. It helped me put myself in my co-workers’ shoes by working together to uncover our individual and collective challenges and successes intuitively with this centuries-old practice.”   – Araxe Hajian, Senior Writer


Class Description: Learn how to use the alchemy of breathwork, cold immersion, and mindset meditation to build a stronger foundation of resilience and adaptability in stressful times. In this physiological, science-based experience, Mark Gerow guides you with intention setting and transformative breath techniques to help you build resilience and unlock dormant potential.
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Permission to commit as a team to doing something outside our comfort zones together was a powerful bonding experience.

– Liz Moriarty, Director of Partnerships

After the breathwork, I felt like I could conquer anything, especially with my team. We all work so closely, and I knew I could trust them during this experience. The support we all showed each other in the pool showed that we are very powerful as a team. We were in it to win it together, and in the end, we all did it and conquered our fears and any feelings of self-doubt.” 

– Syrena Welch, Brand & Content Manager

I truly never understood the power of breathwork and what an impact that would have on me mentally. It was such a release. I didn’t know I could experience peace and exhilaration at the same time!? In the end, I felt so pumped to get in that freezing cold water. It was a powerful bonding experience and something I’ll never forget.

– Amie Bartel, Senior Graphic Designer

Our few days together at Miraval Berkshires were some of the best “work” days we’ve experienced as a team over the past few years. We were able to recenter ourselves in our brand mission and strengthen our connections as a team. We gained a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths, vulnerabilities, passions, and ideas, all of which we continue to carry forward to support each other’s wellbeing and our work missions. If I could summarize the experience in a GIF, it would be this.  

Interested in bringing your team to Miraval Resorts for your next retreat? Learn more here or request a proposal today.

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