Nurture the Nest

New Moon in Cancer

By Araxe Haijan

A new moon in Cancer arrives on the evening of June 28, starting a new cycle as we surf into midsummer.  Cancer, a compassionate water sign, is a caretaker who nurtures others and creates comfort at home. Cancer can also be a visionary sign, setting ambitious goals and initiating action. In this lunation, the moon makes a square to Jupiter in Aries, which propels us to explore—either by going out into the world or bringing novelty into the home.

Miraval Austin Astrologer Lynn Carroll-Rivera explains that “squares are stimulating and can also be challenging.” The cancer moon seeks comfort, emotional security, and care (cancers are big on nurturing themselves and others), while Jupiter in Aries wants you to get out of your comfort zone. It’s a squirrely square that says, “Let’s go play, explore, and get fired up about something!”

There’s an adventurousness combined with a sense of wanting comfort and family.

“Some of you,” says Lynn, “will feel compelled to leave the nest while others may want to spruce theirs up to match Jupiter’s fiery passion.”

New moons appear dark because the sun and moon are lined up together in the sky. Since the moon doesn’t make its own light, we can only see it when it is reflecting the sun’s light (which it does most brightly when full and opposite the sun). Those of you with a Cancer sun sign will be fully engaged in both the new and full moon’s energy.

This new moon in Cancer comes between eclipses and gives us time to relax and reconnect.

 “It’s not just a message to calm down, though,” says Lynn. “It’s also a message to relax into being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Be ok with leaving your normal patterns and go-to moves behind. If you’re planning a trip to Miraval or anywhere else, try out a new kind of activity or culinary offering.

Sometimes our familiar routines make us complacent, and comfort foods make us feel heavy. If you don’t want to get out and about, let your ideas travel and breathe fresh air. Lynn suggests that “this is less of a moment for a cool drink on a hammock than it is about a stimulating cold shower on a hot summer day.”

The time is ripe for self-reflection. Try your hand at meditating, journaling, or consulting tarot cards. Invite your besties over for potlucks and reconnect. Fluff up your pillows and make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary. It’s a great time to seek new recipes, create art, or a playlist that inspires you.

New Moon Wisdom for Your Sign

Nature is calling! If you aren’t going to go out into it, bring it into your home. Use Jupiter’s prompt to make things more interesting with sacred play. Think and move outside the box.

It might be time to dust off that frequent flyer card. Even if you’re staying home, your mind is flying high and seeking stimulation. Walk Miraval’s many labyrinths, or create one in your own yard!

Get your flora and fauna fix. Put on your hiking shoes and explore the Berkshires woods or forest bathe. Homebodies, try to nurture and grow something at home, like microgreens. Try your hand at plant-based barbecue, explore a tasting menu, or do something new.

All this fiery Jupiter in Aries energy gives you ants in your pants. Get unstuck, expand, and grab opportunities to become something more. Hang upside down in aerial yoga silks or work out at home.

Araxe Hajian is a senior writer who covers wellness stories and specialist offerings at Miraval Resorts & Spas. She was associate editor and writer at Life in Balance Magazine, storyteller at the social platform MindMeet, and author of numerous articles and Miraval Resorts’ coffee-table book Miraval Mindful by Design.

*Source material provided by Miraval Austin Astrologer Lynn Carroll-Rivera 

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