The Wellness Check-In with Empathy Expert Michael Tennant

By Michael Tennant

Join Miraval Resorts and Actually Curious in a new series called The Wellness Check-In Series, Virtual Retreat, and Resort Trip Giveaway.

This is Michael Tennant: checking in. I’m the founder of Curiosity Lab and the creator of the conversation card game, Actually Curious.

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I had the opportunity to spend time with amazing guests at Miraval Arizona in June during a special time of year: Juneteenth weekend. For me, Juneteenth has become an essential holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans and the value of freedom — a value that is universally desired. How are we cultivating freedom in ourselves and the world around us?

Over the weekend, I facilitated two experiences, The Language of Feelings and Finding Your Values, to help guests connect with their emotions and somatic experience, explore their core values, and draft their own purpose statement. Once we better understand our emotions and core values, we strengthen our ability to show up for ourselves and the people around us.

In honor of Juneteenth, and in honor of all who have struggled and persevered to enable my personal freedom, I’m thrilled to use the platforms and opportunities I have received to advocate for emotional safety and freedom to pursue a life of wellbeing and happiness, for all.

A significant part of my daily wellbeing ritual is saying affirmations such as, “I am grateful” or “I am free.” Affirmations are reminders of what is good, what is trusted, and what are the things that keep us going.

From that place of gratitude, I have partnered with Miraval Resorts on The Wellness Check-In, a series created to normalize and encourage wellbeing by checking in with our colleagues and loved ones with an intentional conversation.

Intentional conversations are therapeutic, and we are partnering to show how Actually Curious, the game I created, can help facilitate conversations that promote your wellbeing and deepen your connection with yourself and others.

Stay tuned for a new video series The Wellness Check-In, where I get to have an intentional chat with some of Miraval Resorts’ specialists. I provide a space for them to relax, open up, and receive the support they so generously give to thousands of Miraval guests.

It takes a village to remain resilient and abundant, and we want to support each other using empathy to supercharge our collective mental wellbeing.

Inspired by The Wellness Check-In series, I have designed a self-guided virtual wellness retreat, using my Five Phases of Empathy model to teach how empathy can be used to gain greater resilience, happiness, and freedom in your life.

Over the course of five weeks, you’ll receive weekly affirmations and exercises that will help you slow down, gain more clarity around your personal core values, and increase your mental wellbeing. You will also automatically be entered to win a three-night retreat to the Miraval Resorts location of your choice (valued at $6600).

Sign up for the virtual wellness retreat, follow along through Instagram and LinkedIn, and receive tips on using self-empathy to unlock greater wellbeing and emotional freedom in your life and the world around you.

I look forward to checking in with you at the virtual wellness retreat and am excited to explore empathy, purpose, and abundance alongside Miraval Resorts and community members like you.

The Wellness Check-In Series
Our mission is to provide a guide anyone can follow and create a safe space for open-hearted discussion about the things that inspire, motivate, and make us feel grateful. It is our ambition to give you the tools and inspiration to spark deep conversations at the dinner table, in the workplace, or when you need to show up as an empathetic listener for loved ones, colleagues, or someone who simply needs to be heard.

Watch the first The Wellness Check-In with Michael Tennant and Tariq Pinkston below:

Michael Tennant is an empathy expert, and the founder of Curiosity Lab, a 100% Black-owned multi-platform storytelling studio that uses products, experiences, and content to advocate for inclusivity, mental health, and empathy.

His experience of grief and healing inspired a movement to spread empathy with Actually Curious, a conversation game sold at all Miraval Resorts, as well as stores and museums across the world. Michael’s journey and work have been featured by the New York Times, NBC’s Today show, Well+Good, and many more.

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