Hitting the Green

The Golf Club at Wyndhurst

Now included in your Miraval Unlimited Package

Enjoy a complimentary round of golf during your next Miraval Berkshires getaway

On the grounds of Miraval Berkshires sits the historic 18-hole golf course at Wyndhurst. Tree-lined fairways and naturally contoured greens have been carefully preserved since the course was built by Wayne Stiles and John Van Kleek in 1926. The course naturally blends all the beautiful topography of the Berkshires into 18 fantastic holes over 360 acres.

You’ll improve your game with our 10-acre driving range, putting green, and practice area for pitching, chipping, and bunker shots.

Experience our Mindful Golf sessions, which go beyond perfecting your swing to help you become more self-aware and present not only in golf but also in life.

Mindful Golf Experiences

Miraval’s approach to Mindful Golf is rooted in the ability to let go. What do you tell yourself after a bad shot? What is your inner monologue as you approach a shot? Does your golf game revolve around fear? This lecture will help you discover how slowing down, recognizing mindsets, and replacing negative self-talk with positive visualization can benefit you and your game. $

We often let the things we see overshadow how we feel. How many times have you regretted a decision or action you made that went against your gut? This exclusive-to-Miraval experience provides an opportunity for you to open up, tap into, and trust your intuition rather than solely relying on your eyes for direction. As part of this unique approach, you will navigate the green barefoot under the stars, using only your sense of touch and instincts to guide you. Discover how a shift in perspective and awareness can help you unlock your potential both on and off the course. $

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