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The Wellness Check-In with Michael Tennant & Richard Noel

Welcome to the Wellness Check-In with Miraval Resorts & Spas and Michael Tennant, where we’ll take a moment to check in and connect with individuals here at Miraval.

Our mission with the Wellness Check-In series is to provide a guide anyone can follow and create a safe space for open-hearted discussion about the things that inspire us, motivate us, and the things we are grateful for. You can use this video and the Actually Curious Card Game as inspiration to spark deep conversations at the dinner table, in the workplace, or when you need to show up as an empathetic listener for loved ones, friends, or anyone who simply needs to be heard. 

In this video, we are joined by Miraval Resorts Music Specialist Richard Noel for a special installment of the Wellness Check-In where we have an open conversation about empathy and focus on how we can bring empathy forward in our communities.


Actually Curious is a card game that brings people closer together, using the science and psychology of emotional connection to teach the tools of active listening and empathy. The game was created in 2018, by Curiosity Lab, a marketing company built on the idea that we can make a real difference in the world by accelerating demand within the purpose economy.

The creators drew references from psychologists, journalists, crisis negotiators, game developers, their parents, and friends, and came up with a game that is teaching us the tools of having conversations with empathy. Playing a fun and competitive card game is a sneakily effective way of disarming the defenses and getting into important topics.

Michael Tennant is an empathy expert, and the founder of Curiosity Lab, a 100% Black-owned multi-platform storytelling studio that uses products, experiences, and content to advocate for inclusivity, mental health, and empathy.

His experience of grief and healing inspired a movement to spread empathy with Actually Curious, a conversation game sold at all Miraval Resorts, as well as stores and museums across the world. Michael’s journey and work have been featured by the New York Times, NBC’s Today show, Well+Good, and many more.

Richard Noel is from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, where drumming with his family and community was a part of daily life. His love of percussion and global rhythms inspired him to become a REMO-endorsed facilitator who uses music as a safe, empowering, and creative outlet for expression and healing in both corporate and community groups. Richard’s heartfelt dedication to his practice inspires audiences to resonate with rhythm through his unique empowerment seminars, therapy programs, and live performances.

Book a private session with Richard during a Miraval Arizona visit. For more information about Miraval Resorts & Spas or to book a visit, please visit www.miravalresorts.com or call (855) 335-8999.

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