Tips for a New Moon in Libra

By Araxe Hajian

On a cosmic level, we recognize that we are the ones who judge ourselves—not gods or the universe. Our planet hovers over a rainbow, revealing the dawn of a new day and a compassionate vision of the world. Don’t be too quick to pronounce things as good or bad because rash or absolute pronouncements harm us and hold us in doubt and fear.

“The Judgement card,” says Miraval Austin Astrologer Lynn Carroll-Rivera, “is the decision our higher consciousness makes to heal and forgive the wound of our egoic judgments.” This image of the divine is both feminine and ancient. It speaks to this new moon’s ruler Venus, who is in Virgo (sign of the goddess and divine feminine) and making a spiritually abundant aspect to cosmic Neptune.

“Venus’ aspect to Neptune is an opposition—creating an arc, or rainbow, of divine feminine healing energy with the planet of unconditional love (Neptune)—while also making a harmonious trine to Pluto, the planet of transformation.”

A New Day Dawns

Let’s start this lunation with its Sabian Symbol* for September 25, 2022:

The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.

This new moon in Libra is a nice follow-up to our recent full moon in Pisces, which brought a dusky drama and more chaos than calm. As we begin the autumn season—a time of transition and endings—we can grasp the ever-present possibility of beginning again on a new foundation of values.

“Remember,” says Lynn, “Mercury is retrograde during this period. But that doesn’t mean we have to clutch our chests and slam our laptop lids shut. We can follow that retrograde path to rethink, reevaluate, research, and review.”  

Before hitting SEND, run your spellchecks, backups, and diagnostics: it’s time to make edits, proofread, and rewrite drafts. Take a step back from your real and metaphorical screens and give yourself a reboot or reset, a pause from life’s relentless forward motion.

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“At this point,” Lynn notes, “Mercury will have retrograded back into the sign of Virgo (which is a more discerning position of Mercury) and joined with Venus, the ruler of this Libra new moon.” Here we get a perspective of reexamination that we can take into October.

Libra is always about relationships—and often about trying to find harmony and common ground. This is a great time to practice meditation and quiet the blabbermouth of the mind. Do your best to turn down the chatter and tune into the stillness of the sky.

Jupiter Retrograde

While Jupiter is retrograde (through November 22), we are cautioned against acting without inner wisdom guidance. “Retrograde Jupiter,” says Lynn, “is in Aries, opposing the Libra sun and moon, bringing our inner-guru insight into the expression of this new moon.”

It is significant that Jupiter is opposite Mercury (which is also retrograde, first in balanced Libra and then in discerning Virgo). “Jupiter in Aries imbues us with a sense of courage and action,” says Lynn, pointing out that this is our chance to create balance and use good sense before acting.

A Breath of Fresh Air

This lunation shifts us into a lot of air energy.

What does that mean for us?

All those airy breezes can bring more clarity. “Communication with others brings us agreement, cooperation, and collaboration,” says Lynn. “It’s a grand time for innovation.”

The spotlight is on you, creators. The inventors and initiators among us will shine under this dark sky. Our architects, authors, designers, and makers will carry us into a new day.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then retrograde is the mother of revision.

And if we look ahead, we can see how they loop into each other with this idea of revising to reinvent. Mercury will go direct again on October 2, and by the next full moon, there will be a lot of planets in air and fire signs, creating more decisive movement and less internal wrangling. 

Venues & Values

And here’s a beautiful thing: Venus, our Libra new moon’s ruler, is trine Pluto. This connection is all about transformation and—again—innovation, especially where values and relationships are concerned.

Are you catching onto the big theme under this big sky? We are constantly being asked to review and revise our venues and values.

“Will this new day bring us into alignment with our truth, or will it ask us to shift them to meet someone else’s?” Lynn asks. “Who will lead the charge to change? Our innovators need to be in touch with the values people hold today.”

No more juggling clowns—this new moon is the hangover from our recent frenetic full-moon circus. The glitter is gone, and it’s the morning after.

We awaken to the understanding that charisma is nothing without character. Innovation needs something tangible, or else its spectacle sizzles into sawdust. Instead, let’s draw on this lunation to spark something solid and splendid under a fresh and starry sky.

 * Discovered in 1925 by a spiritualist medium and an astrologer, The Sabian symbols are a set of 360 phrases that interpret images and metaphors corresponding to the zodiac wheel. Each holds a story and a unique energy field for each degree.

Araxe Hajian is a senior writer who covers wellness stories and specialist offerings at Miraval Resorts & Spas. She was associate editor and writer at Life in Balance Magazine, storyteller at the social platform MindMeet, and author of numerous articles and Miraval Resorts’ coffee-table book Miraval Mindful by Design.

Source material provided by Lynn Carroll-Rivera, Astrologer at Miraval Austin. Book a private session with Lynn during a Miraval Austin visit to learn more about astrological significance and guidance.

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