Turning Within to Experience our True Selves

Full Moon in Aries

Our week begins with a bang—a full moon rising through a sparkling meteor shower. It’s bound to be a beautiful mess of a lunation lighting our path ahead.

On October 9, the Aries full moon appeared opposite the sun and Venus in the sign of Libra, a symbol of personal agency. It points to finding more stable and equitable situations in life. Or, as we like to say at Miraval Resorts, how we create a life in balance.

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, might be sending us a message about expressing ourselves and setting healthy boundaries. Are your relationships supporting or sabotaging your authentic self? Which people in your life can comfortably sit in silence with you?

We also have a grand air trine, which symbolizes communication involving Mars in Gemini trining Saturn in Aquarius. Both trine the sun and Venus in Libra, which means sharing lots of discussions and views.

Meaning, your quest to stay in the Quiet Room might get challenged.

What Makes a Trine a Grand Trine?

“A grand trine occurs when you have at least three planets, one in each of the three signs of a particular element,” says Miraval Astrologer Lynn Carroll-Rivera. “In this case, Saturn occupies Aquarius in the first air sign, Mars occupies Gemini in the second air sign, and the sun and Venus are in Libra, the third air sign.”

This triangulation of energy is like soft rain on chaotic sparks. Aries is fiery, but this trine brings a soothing and soft vibe to mellow it out. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the hotheaded youth embarking on a cosmic journey but—in this case—protected by a trifecta of tranquility.

So, all you air signs out there (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), it’s an especially good time for you. Your powers of persuasion through communication are sizzling. And it’s a great time for collaboration.

“Libra,” notes Lynn, “is always finding common ground with other people and influences them with cooperation instead of coercion.”

Information from Mind Body Green.

The Wounded Healer, Chiron

This full moon sits right next to Chiron, the planetoid named for Greek mythology’s wounded-healer centaur, a figure of unified polarities. He’s half horse and half human and doesn’t care about the opposing components that make him both untamed beast and rational being. By accepting that duality, he keeps himself balanced.

He’s a good model—for work, home, and community—for finding positive common goals in the cosmos’ infinite potential instead of fixating on the vast chasm of our differences.

Chiron had an unhealable wound, but it didn’t stop him from mending and tending to others. He reminds us that even though our hearts might carry scars, we still have a tremendous capacity for restoration, hope, and healing.

Like Chiron, we can upcycle our bandages and weave them into awakenings. We might not be able to heal all our hurts, but we can help each other carry them. Like Chiron, we can transform our inner chambers of pain into portals that lead to intuition, potential, and propulsion.

Turning Points & Teamwork

We’re in the home stretch of 2022 and hovering ahead of election and eclipse season. Chiron, coupled with Aries’ lunar energy, brings a sense of acceptance. If ever there was a time to let it go—whatever your “it” of the moment might be—this is the time.  

“It’s not just a good time for it,” says Lynn, “it’s essential. This grand trine is how we get out of the fractious and polarizing setup of Saturn-square-Uranus rebellious energy that we’ve been seeing for the last year.” Isolation has led to many silenced voices, and society just can’t move forward without discourse or interaction.

In other words, it’s a great time for teamwork.

Neptune sat opposite Venus on our last new moon, and now it is opposite Mercury, the planet of reason and thought (which has just come out of retrograde). Lots of planets are coming out of retrograde and stationing direct, including Pluto, which hasn’t done so since last spring. We’re emerging from that space of reevaluation to planning sensible approaches. It might feel like a turning point for you.

Mercury, in addition to opposing Neptune, squares Mars (this lunation’s ruler). It means there will be lots of discussions about what it means to be real. You’re going to have to wade through some confusion and delusion to try to find inspiration–or even a little faith. 

“That Mercury-opposite-Neptune-square-Mars combination is always trying to fan some kind of emotional story,” Lynn points out. “It might feel a little bit like the lull before the storm. Don’t forget; this is our last lunation before we go into eclipse season.”

It’s a murky view, and communication will be ruled by whoever grabs the talking stick first. Keep in mind that the current narrative has an opportunity to sway people’s emotions, and Lynn cautions that “logic could be at a low point.”

Conflicting Stories

Usually, an Aries Full Moon is super active and social. But this lunation pulls us back from fully immersing. That grand air trine helps us override the Mercury-Neptune opposition that so easily influences and confuses us. It helps calm down the spinning of stories out there.

It’s a good time to grab your notes from all that introspection of our recent retrograde season and put them to use. Peer into your inner picture to get some clarity. This whole fall, you can only expect the unexpected. The outer world is too busy revving up reactively for you to glean any measured response.

The answers you seek will only be found by looking within and sharing with your kindred spirits. So, keep your communications flowing but choose your chatrooms wisely. You will want to engage with people whose opinions you value. Intelligent discourse is at a premium, and the stars above won’t let us suffer fools.

Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting in Silence

The Aries Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol*

This symbol depicting two spinsters produces a special kind of dualism. Life has turned inward, mirroring itself. When the outer world lacks clarity, it’s helpful to turn within to look at our inner world with poise and grace.

Like these two spinsters, we have the ability to transform a lack of potency into inner serenity by pulling back. There’s a sense of a dignified removal, a withdrawal from being at the center of things.

Mindfulness hinges on the idea of letting go of attachment and becoming an observer of your life. It’s how we evolve and become conscious creators.

* Discovered in 1925 by a spiritualist medium and an astrologer, The Sabian symbols are a set of 360 phrases that interpret images and metaphors corresponding to the zodiac wheel. Each holds a story and a unique energy field for each degree.

Araxe Hajian is a senior writer who covers wellness stories and specialist offerings at Miraval Resorts & Spas. She was associate editor and writer at Life in Balance Magazine, storyteller at the social platform MindMeet, and author of numerous articles and Miraval Resorts’ coffee-table book Miraval Mindful by Design.

Source material provided by Lynn Carroll-Rivera, Astrologer at Miraval Austin. Book a private session with Lynn during a Miraval Austin visit to learn more about astrological significance and guidance.

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